Lunch and Learn: How to get financial support for your business

Tony Mulvahil
Tony MulvahilPlanning for the Best

Posted: Mon 28th Nov 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Tony Mulvahil, an adviser who helps entrepreneurs identify and solve their operational challenges, takes you through everything you need to know about understanding your business's financial performance.

Learn about the importance of monthly profit and loss reporting, and find out how to develop a budget as part of your business planning. 

Whether you're turning over £100 or £100,000 a month, knowing your numbers is critical to being a successful business owner. 

Key takeaways from this session:

  • The five financial ratios used to measure business performance

  • How to monitor your financial ratios

  • How to create a business budget

Tony Mulvahil
Tony MulvahilPlanning for the Best
I work with small businesses to provide support and advice that saves you time and protects your margins. I focus on identifying ways to structure your business to get the most out of your team. This involves assessing organisation structures and developing solutions that fit the needs of your company. Each company is unique and we work to understand what you need. Once your goals are clear we help you focus on reaching them.

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