Lunch and Learn: Financial fitness

Serena Humphrey
Serena HumphreyThe f Word Ltd

Posted: Wed 21st Oct 2020

Financial fitness

Serena Humphrey FCMA is managing director of The F Word Ltd. She is on a mission to significantly improve the financial success of small businesses right across the UK and to give business owners the financial success, stability and security they deserve for the hours and sacrifice it takes to run a business.

In this webinar, Serena provides her tips for financial management. She will share how business owners can create consistent profit and cash, building financial strength and value into their businesses.

Serena Humphrey
Serena HumphreyThe f Word Ltd
I'm the founder and MD of The F Word Ltd and I've been running my own business for over 20 years. I'm on a deeply personal mission to help small busineses survive and build financial resilience. I'm a Chartered Management Accountant, experienced finance director, trainer and coach and I set up my business to solve the huge problem of small business failure in the UK. Most small companies just don't have the financial skills necesary to build a financially robust business - but these skills are easily learned when you ditch the jargon and put some passion into things! Back in the early ‘90s 3 things happened that changed the course of my life and set me on my journey to help businesses. First I lost my home, one I’d saved hard so I could buy at 18. At 21, with interest rates at 15% I was handing back the keys. Then the amazing business I worked for went bust overnight, in 3 years we’d turned it into a £10m success and now I had to make hundreds of people redundant. Finally I watched my parents lose their dream business, a hotel in Scotland, because of the recession. I needed answers. So I set out on a mission that still drives me to this day, almost 30 years later. My mission is to help business owners get the financial rewards, freedom and lifestyle they thought owning a business would give them, instead of a life of stress, financial worry and compromise. I’ve been working in finance, in and with small business for 30 years. I did my professional training with Northern Foods plc and NEXT plc. I then started and built a management accounting practice from 2000 to 2012, before selling it to set up The F Word.

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