Lunch and Learn: Up your writing game with AI as your business sidekick

Posted: Mon 10th Jul 2023

Whether you embrace it or have reservations, AI is undeniably transforming the way we approach writing.

In this Lunch and Learn, AI educator Kerry Harrison gives us a hype-free introduction to today's key AI writing tools, including ChatGPT and Jasper. She shares practical tips on crafting effective prompts and leveraging AI to enhance your content creation process.

Key discussion points

AI tools for copywriting and their impact on the industry (3.27)

  • Kerry discusses the speed of change in the writing industry, with AI tools improving rapidly in recent years, and now offering free resources for better writing.

  • As a professional copywriter, Kerry has been using ChatGPT and Google Bard for projects since January 2023.

  • Kerry finds ChatGPT to be impressive and effective, using it for prompts and generating quick results. Bard is a more recent addition to her work, and she's still exploring it.

AI copywriting tools, including ChatGPT, Jasper and Help Me Write (8.44)

  • Kerry recommends paying extra for the advanced version of ChatGPT for better-quality output.

  • Jasper is a specific AI tool for copywriting and content creation that offers less freedom but provides more structure and templates for writing.

  • There's a Google tool called Help Me Write that you can use to generate copywriting content. Kerry finds it useful for saving time and improving the quality of her emails.

  • With Help Me Write, you can formalise, shorten, elaborate or rephrase your writing within Google Docs, and you can customise the prompts to suit your needs.

  • Kerry expresses concern about relying too heavily on AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard, as they may lead to a lack of depth in understanding the topic and the audience.

  • Kerry suggests using these tools to structure writing projects, rather than generating entire content, to ensure a more thoughtful and personalised approach.

  • Kerry finds AI to be useful for research, summarising and checking over work. But she also emphasises the importance of personal, human experience and not relying too heavily on AI.

ChatGPT prompts (17.51)

  • Kerry stresses the importance of providing clear and specific prompts to ChatGPT to generate high-quality responses.

  • Prompting is crucial for getting good results from ChatGPT, as the quality of the input greatly affects the quality of the output.

  • Kerry finds that ChatGPT lacks energy and creativity in its output, particularly when trying to generate offbeat or quirky ideas.

  • Kerry says it's useful to provide specific information and context to ChatGPT when asking it to generate content. You could ask it to write as a certain persona or give viewpoints on a topic, to receive more refined and valuable responses.

  • Kerry advises people to be mindful of how we use ChatGPT, including not sharing proprietary or confidential information, and being aware of data privacy concerns.

Transparency and reputation management (25.56)

  • Kerry recommends being open with clients about using AI, so as not to harm your reputation.

  • Kerry believes AI-generated content can mimic human-generated content, but still thinks human writers are essential for high-quality work.

  • Kerry mentions AI detection tools and watermarking systems are being developed to ensure authenticity in content creation, particularly in education.

About the speaker

Kerry is a creative technologist and copywriter with a passion for fusing human creativity with emerging tech. In 2018, after 18 years as an advertising creative, she co-founded the award-winning agency Tiny Giant and moved into exploring creative opportunities with artificial intelligence.

Over the last five years, she's helped create the world's first AI gin, crafted an AI Queen's speech for Wired Magazine, served up AI cocktails from across the globe, and has spoken about AI both nationally and internationally.

Today, she heads up Unclouded, a content creation consultancy that helps businesses explore the potential and pitfalls of the latest generative AI tools.

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Hi, I'm Kerry. I'm an AI consultant, copywriter and copywriting trainer with a passion for fusing human creativity with emerging tech. In 2018, after 18 years as an advertising creative, I co-founded the award-winning agency Tiny Giant and moved into exploring the creative opportunities of artificial intelligence. During the last five years, I've co-created the world’s first AI gin, crafted an AI Queen’s speech for Wired Magazine, brought the award-winning Cheltenham Science Festival AI curator to life, served up AI cocktails across the globe – and have spoken about AI at events both nationally and internationally. Today, I'm the founder of Unclouded, a content creation and training organisation. I'm on a mission to help forward-thinking individuals and businesses to create clear and compelling content – with (and without) AI technologies. I believe that generative AI tools shouldn't only be benefitting big corporates with gigantic budgets. Small businesses should be benefitting from the power of AI too. With generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, Midjourney, Dalle2 and RunwayML, it's possible for small businesses to improve productivity, save time and augment their own brilliant human creativity. For me, AI isn't going to replace content creators and creatives, it will be tool to support us. AI tools can already help to us research, plan, write first drafts, structure blogs, craft headlines, create bespoke images and more. Plus, we can now edit videos quickly, without skills in complex editing software. My workshops and training are all about showing you how to do this – without the AI hype and BS. I'll tell it like it is (maybe it's my Northern roots) and I'll share both the potential and problems of AI, so you can make a call on what feels right for you. As practitioner and trainer, I'll always bring you first-hand experience. This includes the exciting new ways you can use AI tools – plus any challenges I discover along the way. Successes and failures are part of the journey. And we're all learning together, right?

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