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Posted: Fri 5th Mar 2021

Watch back: Chat with entrepreneurial womxn - Sally Coulden

Sally Coulden, founder, Red Dog Glass Design and professional artist

"I grew up in a creative household in wilds of Norfolk UK, my father was a potter and sculptor. Surrounded by immense sandy beaches, large skies and infinite horizons, these early years embedded a deep-seated need for a sense of space and infinity, which can be seen in both my life and work over the years. My love of colour has been inspired by my global travels, working extensively in the tropics and having lived in Australia for many years.

I have a very varied career history which has gifted me a unique skill set. It has enabled me to combine both my business and design experience, including an MBA, working at board level and embracing art school. I love the buzz of hosting an exhibition of my artwork and witnessing how my paintings make people feel and see their reactions. If I can trigger an emotional response, I've done my job!

It was at a private view in 2017 when I hung two large, vibrant perspex paintings from the ceiling of the gallery I overheard a guest whisper to her friend, "that would look interesting in a kitchen" BOOM! RDGD was born!"

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