Lunch and Learn: How to build your confidence and grow your business

Elyssa Desai
Elyssa DesaiElyssa Desai Coaching

Posted: Tue 21st Nov 2023

Have you ever felt that your own beliefs and comfort zone are the biggest obstacles on your path to success? If so, you're not alone.

In this Lunch and Learn, Elyssa Desai dives into how to identify these barriers and helps you break through them to unleash your confidence. She also shares effective strategies to challenge and reframe your limiting beliefs, turning them into stepping stones toward your goals.

Elyssa is a qualified mindset coach and certified hypnotherapist. She shares her expertise through personal and corporate coaching, workshops and event speaking. Her podcast, What Am I Doing With My Life? With Elyssa Desai, normalises not having it all figured out, motivates listeners and provides actionable tips.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand the nature of limiting beliefs and uncover your own unique barriers that may be hindering your progress

  • Learn how to challenge those self-imposed limitations and reframe them into powerful motivators

  • Find out how to step outside your comfort zone

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Elyssa Desai
Elyssa DesaiElyssa Desai Coaching
Elyssa Desai is on a mission to help individuals understand and reprogram their mind. As a qualified Mindset Coach and certified Hypnotherapist, she has a huge interest in the unconscious mind and helps individuals to harness its power.  Elyssa shares her expertise through corporate workshops and coaching, event speaking and one-on-one coaching. Her clients include the likes of Roxie Nafousi and Georgia White, she has worked with brands including Sweaty Betty, London College of Fashion and Screwfix and has previously been featured in titles including Stylist, Refinery29 and women.com. Her podcast, What Am I Doing With My Life? With Elyssa Desai, normalises not having it all figured out, gives you actionable tips and motivate you when you feel stuck, lost and overwhelmed by life.

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