Lunch and Learn: B2B contract essentials – protecting your business

Posted: Fri 28th Jun 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Zeyd Anwar breaks down the crucial parts of business-to-business (B2B) contracts. Learn what key terms like termination, intellectual property, liability and confidentiality really mean and how they can impact your business.

He explains how to use your knowledge of these terms to protect your business and make smarter contractual decisions. He also shares tips and real-life examples.

Zeyd is the co-founder of Cobrief, an automated contract review tool that helps businesses review contracts quickly. Before founding Cobrief, Zeyd was a lawyer in the City of London, specialising in commercial contracts in the technology industry.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn the essentials of B2B contracts and understand why these terms matter

  • Discover how to protect your business

  • Gain actionable advice and strategies through real-life examples that will help you negotiate and manage your contracts effectively

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I'm a co-founder of Cobrief, a legal tool designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses review their commercial contracts quicker, cheaper and without legal jargon. Cobrief is an AI copilot that reviews and analyses your commercial contracts and flags key risks to your business. It also explains what each risk is and what it means for your business, in plain English. All you have to do is upload it and run the review - easy peasy. Cobrief was founded by two commercial lawyers and an engineer who believe that small businesses should not have to rely on expensive lawyers in order to finalise contracts and unlock cash for their businesss, but need something better than generic templates as guidance. Cobrief is exactly that: it can give you feedback tailored to your business within seconds at a fraction of the cost of lawyers. For more information on how to use Cobrief, please sign up to our website here: https://www.cobrief.co.uk/Sign-up-page

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