Lunch and Learn: How to create attractive video content for your business

Jeremy Mason
Jeremy MasonMP Video Production

Posted: Thu 9th Feb 2023

In this Lunch and Learn, marketing expert Jeremy Mason takes you through the process of creating engaging videos to help you grow your reach.

Video is quickly becoming a vital and powerful tool for businesses, offering new opportunities for connection and growth.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to start making video content

  • Gain basic skills in camera, lighting and sound that will allow you to create effective video content

  • Understand how to start creating a workflow that works for you - so you can consistently create effective videos, efficiently

Jeremy Mason
Jeremy MasonMP Video Production
I help purpose-driven business owners create targeted, effective and valuable video content that empowers their businesses to grow. 20+ years broadcast TV experience fused with deep knowledge and enthusiasm for all things digital + video marketing. I'm passionate about video and its power to connect and inspire new online audiences, transform business awareness, sales and customer engagement.  There has never been a better time to create your own video content - to be the author of your own business story, and really embrace the opportunities that exist online. I'd love to help you do that.  I also love: video, business, music, planes and tea. Not always in that order.

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