Five legal advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today

Five legal advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today
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Posted: Thu 9th Jun 2022

Enterprise Nation’s bank of expert legal advisers is unparalleled.

Whether you’re looking to protect your idea, settle disputes or brush up on employment law, you can be sure an adviser on Enterprise Nation will be there to help.

Take a look at five brilliant legal advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today.

Michael Buckworth

A qualified lawyer of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and founder of Buckworths, Michael works exclusively with start-ups and high growth businesses, hence his popularity on Enterprise Nation!

Michael has advised countless start-ups over the last 10 years across a multitude of sectors, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him about any legal matter.

Connect with Michael today.

See more from Michael

Ingrid Fernandez

 Founder of Dec + Dash Legal Consulting, Ingrid provides support to SMEs and freelancers on legal matters in a straightforward and digestible way.

Ingrid’s brilliant templates ensure you will always be legally compliant.

Connect with Ingrid today.

See more from Ingrid

Stephen Thompson

Our Local Leader for Cardiff & south-east Wales, Stephen has broad commercial experience working with many businesses of a range of sizes, particularly in the world of manufacturing, education, housing, construction, IT/software, medicine and biosciences.

For those based in and around Stephen, be sure to sign-up for his local meet-up on Wednesday 15 June.

Connect with Stephen today.

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Michelle Bishton

Michelle is one of our more unique legal advisers, whose flexible approach has seen her business, Vault IP, stand out in the IP market.

While Michelle runs a relatively small business, the agility with which she can work has proven immensely popular for many Enterprise Nation members.

Connect with Michelle today.

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Elliot Francis

Finally, we have Elliot, an associate at Edwin Coe LLP who provides advice for a large range of employment-related matters than can affect all new and developing businesses.

Furthermore, Elliot is also an expert on employee wellbeing and mental health.

Connect with Elliot today.

See more from Elliot

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