Quiet success: how to run a business as an introvert

Quiet success: how to run a business as an introvert
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Posted: Tue 6th Feb 2024

As an introvert, you may have found yourself overlooked and undervalued in traditional workplaces. But the things that make you an introvert are actually great assets when running a business.

How to know if you're an introvert

Do you have a strong drive? Are you self-motivated, and prefer spending time alone or in small groups? Then you may be an introvert.

If you find that you're reflective, like to take your time making decisions or have a creative imagination, you're in luck. This is all an advantage when it comes to running a small business in London.

Tips when starting a business as an introvert

1. Choose your type of business wisely

Your chosen business should match your strengths and preferences. Some suitable options include:

These types of roles allow you to work independently, limit the amount of interaction you have with other people, and put your skills to good use in a more subdued environment.

When starting, it's important to begin small and grow gradually, to ease into the demands of entrepreneurship. Taking on too much at once can lead to burnout, so be sure to prioritise self-care and take time off when you need to.

2. Create the working environment you want

When you're going to the trouble of starting a business, you want a working environment that embraces and supports your introverted tendencies.

If you value solitude and the need for alone time to recharge and reflect, make sure you take breaks and work at your own pace. To build meaningful relationships with customers and business contacts, try to interact with people one-on-one and be open with your communication and understanding.

3. Do your networking and interaction online

Using social media has so many benefits for introverts. You can use platforms like X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and Meta (Facebook) to:

  • Promote your products or services.

  • Build relationships with potential customers.

  • Engage directly with the people who are interested in what you do.

With comment threads and instant messaging, you can talk to people in real time and get their feedback on various areas of your business.

4. Practise socialising

As your business grows, at some point you may have to do some face-to-face networking around London. Though you might feel uncomfortable, it's a great way to grow both personally and professionally.

Make a point of going to some networking events and meeting new Londoners. As you get involved in discussions and conversations, the more comfortable and skilled you'll become in social settings.

You don't need to do this all the time if it drains you. But even if you go to one event every few months, it's a massive step that you can be really proud of.


Introverts like you have vital qualities that make them great business owners. Whether you have a side hustle or a full-time small business, there's lots you can do to cater to your strengths.

Take our free Business Success Check to receive a personalised action plan that can help you develop your networking skills and become more confident when running your business.


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