How to pitch yourself as an expert

How to pitch yourself as an expert
Tara Attfield-Tomes
Tara Attfield-Tomes
Founder & Managing Director

When you run a business it’s worth considering whether pitching yourself as an expert might help drive sales or open up new doors.

If you’re a service-based business – a PR agency or coach, for example – building your personal brand is essential, but even if you have a product-based business, we all know that ‘people buy from people' so showcasing the person behind the brand can be a real strength.

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Social media plays a huge part in this and you’ll see more and more business owners 'showing up' on their Instagram profiles with behind-the-scenes content and talking stories.

Get your house in order and make sure that your social media also says that you’re an expert; your biog and content must tell people who you are and what you do at first glance, so don’t worry about clever or complicated words - just make it clear who you are and what you specialise in.

As well as your social channels, you can also start to build a profile through good PR, too. Here are five ways that you can gain credibility in your industry and start positioning yourself as an expert.

1) Get quoted in press releases

If you’re sending out press releases – or having someone doing it for you – make sure that it includes a quote from you. There’s a tendency for business owners to hide behind the scenes, but you want people to start recognising your name and the more coverage you get, the better it is for your own SEO.

2) Put yourself forward for media opportunities

There are lots of great media opportunities out there; whether it’s interviews and comments on what’s currently in the news or looking for business profiles in magazines and online, seek out ways to get your name (and face) into the media.

A good tip: search for #journorequest on Twitter and you’ll uncover a whole world of opportunities.

3) Write blogs on your specialist subject

Writing blogs on your specialist subject is a great way to showcase your expertise (ahem, practising what I preach!).

Even better if you have a strong opinion on a specific subject, as controversy always gets people talking! Put these posts on your own website too, as well as exploring guest blogs on other people’s websites.

4) Enter awards

Entering industry awards, not just for your business but for yourself, is a brilliant way to give yourself credibility as an expert. Obviously, look at your industry awards, but also wider business celebrations that can help put you – as a business professional – in the spotlight.

5) Share other people’s content

And, as an added bonus, my final piece of advice is to share other people’s content. Yes, it sounds weird but aligning yourself with others across your industry is another brilliant way of building your own profile, especially when they share and repost your content!

Positioning yourself as an expert is a simple, yet effective, part of a marketing and sales strategy. That’s why joining Enterprise Nation as an adviser is a brilliant way to build your credibility.

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Tara Attfield-Tomes
Tara Attfield-Tomes
Founder & Managing Director
Award-winning PR expert, agency owner and consultant for small businesses and scale-up brands. With over 15 years’ experience, both agency and in-house, Tara has worked with independent retailers and e-com start-ups, as well as internationally renowned fashion labels and household brands. Her core expertise lies in helping start-ups and scale ups reach their commercial ambitions through the power of PR in sectors including arts and creative, fashion and retail, and health and wellness. She’s also passionate about supporting charities and grassroots projects with impactful PR and marketing campaigns. Tara founded EAST VILLAGE PR over eight years ago, as the go-to agency for market disruptors and challenger brands. The award-winning team puts people and purpose at the heart of everything, working with brands who share ‘good values and great stories’. During Lockdown 1.0, Tara also launched Pocket Sized PR; a platform for small business owners to find and download free PR tips, templates and how-to guides. Keen to support people with their own DIY PR, Tara shares hers and her team’s expertise through the platform, and also offers one-to-one consultancy for those who need a sounding board on their business growth journey. Determined to right the wrongs of #agencylife, Tara is passionate about putting people front and centre. Building an agency that she would be proud to work for, EAST VILLAGE PR champions flexible working, unlimited training budgets, free mental health support and therapy, and so much more! This approach to fairer and more inclusive business has seen Tara featured on the likes of BBC News, ITV News, Sky News, The Jeremy Vine Show, Times Radio, and many more! She is also regularly invited to speak at events, both in person and online, as both a guest speaker and panel member. Some of her most recent engagements include the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Selfridges, TAG Network Midlands, and Birmingham Metropolitan College. Alongside running the agency and building Pocket Sized PR, Tara is also passionate about making the PR industry more inclusive. She sits on the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board Member at The Agency Collective and is a Founding Member of BPFS Black Leaders Network. She’s also a Non-Executive Director for TAG Network Midlands, as well as a founder of homeless charity Let’s Feed Brum; on the maangement committee of Tabor Living, an accommodation provider for the homeless; and Patron of SIFA Fireside, the leading homeless drop-in centre. Her passions are PR, people and paying it forward, and she’s always the business cheerleader to count on! Get in touch to find out more: / @taratomes / @eastvillagepr

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