Four powerful strategies to re-engage lost leads

Four powerful strategies to re-engage lost leads
Kashif Naeem
Kashif NaeemLastingSales

Posted: Tue 5th Sep 2023

Let's say you're sitting at your desk, gazing at a long list of leads that have gone quiet over time. These lost leads hold untapped potential, a hidden treasure of opportunities waiting to be discovered.

They're like those long-lost friends who require a single heartfelt message from your side to strengthen the friendship again. But how do you reconnect with them after months or even years of silence? And without sounding like those annoying and pushy people who catch up only when they want favours from you?

Fear not! Here are four proven strategies that will not only help you revive those conversations with lost leads but also close those sales deals.

1. Send a personalised message or email

If you walk into your favourite coffee shop and the barista greets you by name and remembers your usual order, how does that make you feel?

Special, right? The same goes for your potential customers! Sending a personalised message or email is a fantastic way to catch their attention and show them that you still care.

Check out the last interaction you had with them, any specific thing they were interested in or any issue they were facing. Tailor your email according to it.

Example: Hi Sophie, remember when you expressed interest in our educational consultancy services? We've got something special just for you!

Book a consultation session with us this week, and you'll receive an exclusive 20% discount on our premium educational advisory package. It's the perfect opportunity to get expert guidance on your academic journey while staying within your budget!

By addressing your lost leads by name and tailoring your message to their interests or previous interactions, you make them feel valued and increase the likelihood of re-engagement.

2. Try trigger events to reconnect

Sometimes all it takes to bring back a lost lead is the right trigger event. A trigger event is like a golden ticket that opens up a new sales opportunity.

It can be any significant occurrence, like a new executive joining, a company getting acquired, or even someone opening your email.

These trigger events give you the perfect chance to reach out to your leads once again and rekindle the conversation, ultimately paving the way for successful conversions.

You can monitor them through various channels:

LinkedIn has some fantastic social triggers:

undefined*Source: HubSpot

Example: Let's say you provide marketing consultancy services.

If you notice a potential client has recently launched a new product or expanded their business into a new market, that's a perfect trigger event for you to step in.

Reach out to them and remind them that you're there to support and guide them through this exciting phase of growth. Offer your expertise in developing a marketing strategy tailored to their new ventures, making sure that your solution is now more relevant than ever before.

3. Offer them an incentive

Everybody loves a good deal, right? Offering your lost leads an incentive is an amazing way to entice them back into your sales funnel. An incentive could be a discount offer.

Example: We miss you! Here's a little something to show our appreciation. Use code "WELCOME10" for 10% off your next purchase. Happy shopping!

Besides discounted deals, you can offer them content but choose some that screams value. Use your CRM to check if you've published any content that relates to the prospect and can benefit them. It can either be a helpful blog post, a free course or an invitation to join a webinar.

By sweetening the deal, you give your lost leads a reason to reconsider and give your brand another chance.

4. Don’t take a month to get to the point

Let's face it, we're all busy bees these days. When you're reaching out to lost leads, don't beat around the bush. Get to the point quickly and concisely.

People generally dislike engaging in small talk only to be followed by a sales pitch afterwards. So, your message can look something like this:

Hey Emma! It's been a while since we connected. We've got an exciting new product that we think you'll love. Check it out here: (Product Link)

This message looks pretty fine. But if you're connecting with the lead, for instance, after a year you need to be more personalised and add more detail to your message to build that human connection.

Example: Hi Emma, it’s been a while since we connected. I recall that you were interested in a career counselling session for Jacob last year. However, at that time, you found it to be a bit on the pricey side.

I'm excited to tell you that we're organising a free career counselling webinar that covers a wide range of valuable insights and guidance. Furthermore, you can also register for a 1:1 session for Jacob at half the regular price.

Would you like me to share more details with you?

Remember, to increase the chances of your lead engaging, you should personalise your approach and make it relevant. They need to realise that you genuinely care and are interested in resolving their problems and pain points.

But what if you don’t have that information and details to personalise your approach? This is where a tool like CRM software comes in.

For instance, with LastingSales CRM, you can add notes about your interaction with leads helping you send a personalised message afterwards. Also, you can schedule follow-up calls so that your leads don’t slip through the cracks.

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Kashif Naeem
Kashif NaeemLastingSales

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