How to create a standout adviser profile on Enterprise Nation

How to create a standout adviser profile on Enterprise Nation

Posted: Thu 12th Oct 2023

You're an adviser on Enterprise Nation. You want to build your profile and provide wonderful support to as many small business owners as possible.

But how can you make sure your adviser profile on the platform is as strong as possible? Here's how to make your profile shine in four easy steps.

1. Choose the right profile picture

This is an obvious one, right?

The key for any adviser is to create a connection with potential small business owners. But having a blurry, poorly framed image (or worst-case scenario, no image at all!) will see your Enterprise Nation profile lose that crucial slice of authenticity clients look for when deciding who they want to receive business support from.

That's not to say you must overthink your image. Minal Patel, for instance, is a good example of an adviser with an excellent profile picture: friendly, welcoming, high-quality, and a good mix of corporate and casual.

Potential clients want to connect with genial, helpful advisers, so do your best to come across this way!

2. Sell yourself!

All advisers should write a short description about themselves and their experience, which will live on their adviser homepage. However, it's the first 10 words or so that really counts.

Why? This is because the adviser category pages on the Enterprise Nation website take the first part of all advisers' bios and list them under their profiles.

As a result, it's crucial to get straight to the point within your bio and list what exactly you can offer. Take Yarka Krajickova at first glance, you know straight away that she's a tax expert.

If you then dig deeper and click on her profile, you see she also offers support in bookkeeping, tax planning, cash-flow forecasting and working-from-home expenses – which is all clear from her bio.

Many potential clients are on the lookout for very specific areas of business support. So, being direct within your bio – listing key components of your adviser armoury so they appear within these featured snippets – may pay off handsomely.

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3. Reviews are powerful

With so many brilliant advisers on the Enterprise Nation platform, you'll want to make sure you stand out as much as possible. That's where having a few good reviews on your profile can come into play.

Potential clients will naturally side with advisers they know have provided great services for other small business owners. And while not possessing any reviews suggests nothing to the contrary, it's human nature to go with the tried and trusted!

It's often just the case that clients aren't even aware they can leave a review. So, gently reminding them that they're able to do it after a discovery call or service request will increase the likelihood that you'll receive recognition for your fantastic small business support.

4. Build a strong portfolio of resources

Of course, this is something you achieve over time. But it's vital to note that variety is just as important as volume.

You can do this in two ways: creating content and offering services.

While creating adviser content (writing blogs, recording videos, hosting Lunch and Learns) is a great way to attract clients, it's perhaps the services which can push your visibility to the next level.

Adviser content and adviser services appear under two totally different umbrellas when searched for. Consequently, you can create all the superb content in the world, but if you don't have services to your name as well, you're limiting your reach on the platform.

Just take a look at Paula Tomlinson's profile: so much variety and range in her work. Perfect.

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