How to attract new customers to your small business

How to attract new customers to your small business

Posted: Fri 3rd Jun 2022

When you're developing your new business, you'll need to set up a campaign to attract new customers. So, what's the best marketing strategy to adopt?

Initially, you need to set up methods to acquire new leads. Then, you need to convert them into potential customers. These strategies focus on the top, middle and bottom of the traditional marketing funnel, so you can use them throughout a customer's journey through the funnel.

Step 1: Look for new leads

Develop content

You need to create relevant content to reach your target audience. Put the information into categories for each stage of the funnel.

For example, a blog post with general information will focus more on the top of the funnel (known as TOFU). On the other hand, if the article contains more specific information, it will be better suited to the middle of the funnel (MOFU) or bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

To attract new leads through blogs, you can include relevant offers that will benefit your potential customers. Examples might be downloadable resources such as guides, infographics and e-books. You can also look to offer free one-to-one meetings or workshops connected to what you're blogging about.

Keeping your content fresh is essential, and you should always promote it. Social networks, email campaigns and even paid-for ads are crucial in this respect, helping to bring in traffic and generate those all-important backlinks.

Get your SEO (search engine optimisation) right

Every page you publish needs to be optimised for search. When customers use a search engine to look for something relating to your business, does your website appear first (or high up, at least) in the results?

If you can answer yes to this question, you're doing well! However, don't feel disheartened if the answer's no. Getting your SEO right is a tough job. Remember that the more you analyse your SEO, the better your results will be.

As soon as you've set up the right keyword strategy, your page traffic will increase. You need to research the relevant and most-used keywords so customers can find you online.

Also, with keyword research, you can find additional topics to post on your website. This is why SEO is one of the best marketing strategies to attract new customers.


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Step 2: Convert the new leads into potential customers

Once you have your new leads, you now need to convert them into potential customers. There are a few successful strategies for this.

Email marketing

You may be using email marketing already and recognise its value in allowing you to keep in contact with your customers, while at the same time generating more opportunities for your business.

If you're new to the practice, or even sceptical, keep in mind that it's a really effective way of converting leads into customers.

If you have a database of contacts with current customers, potential customers, distributors and so on, put it to work. Use it to send potential customers your business updates and any relevant information they might need to come on board and eventually buy from you.

We recommend that you create an email mailing plan with the content you want to deliver. It's vital that you send one or two emails each week, as this will make it easier to convert these contacts into new potential customers.

Marketing automation and lead nurturing

When you generate new leads, these people aren't immediately ready to buy or hire your services. That's why you need to nurture them with an automated content plan. Depending on which phase your leads are in, you might need to provide personalised information.

Consider segmenting your potential customers based on their goals, needs and interests. This means you'll be offering them more engaging content.

Marketing automation software will save you time in planning your posts or emails and will help to guide your potential customers through the journey.

To recap

So, the steps to include in your strategy are as follows:

  • Choose the information you want to automate. For this, you can check which pages have the most traffic.

  • Develop a workflow process. As we explained earlier, you need to decide what information you'll share in each funnel.

  • Decide how you'll communicate with your leads. Consider social media, emails, your website live chats, or paid ads.

  • Optimise your content. It's recommended that you update your content and send it back to your customers. This will give them the best experience.

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