How to add captions to video in Canva

Nicky Pasquier
Nicky PasquierVirtuoso Assistant

Posted: Tue 11th Jul 2023

According to research by Verizon and Publicis, 92% of your audience will watch a video with the sound OFF. Thus, as a small business content creator, you must add captions to your videos.

If your audience is unable to watch and understand your video without captions, they will simply click away and watch something else instead. Can you afford to lose a potential subscriber, customer or client so quickly?

In this video, I'll show you how easy it is to add captions to a video in Canva.

The benefits of doing so:

  • It's free to do

  • You can customise the captions so that they are completely on-brand

  • You can also add eye-catching text animations

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Nicky Pasquier
Nicky PasquierVirtuoso Assistant

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