How to access new markets with Santander Navigator

Scott ReevesSantander

Posted: Tue 9th Aug 2022

In this webinar, Scott Reeves, key account manager at Santander, takes you step-by-step through the new Santander Navigator platform, and what you need to know before getting professional help with your importing or exporting. 

If you're thinking of expanding your business to new international markets but need guidance and direction to get going, this webinar will help.

Using Santander Navigator, you can: 

  • Gain insights 

Find out which markets have demand for your products or services. Learn what challenges you might experience and how to overcome them, and what sales channels are likely going to provide the best returns. 

  • Make connections 

Find the right partners to meet your needs. Get access to vetted buyers, distributors and service providers worldwide. 

  • Simplify your logistics 

Identify the most suitable (and most cost-effective) shipping options for your products. Benefit from corporate rates and a negotiated discount through Santander's freight aggregator provider. 

  • Get support with relevant regulations 

Learn how you can trade safely and efficiently and in line with the law, through access to a range of experts and discounted training courses. 


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Scott ReevesSantander

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