How a workspace community can help your small business grow

How a workspace community can help your small business grow

Posted: Fri 27th May 2022

All over the world, demand for coworking and flexible workspace is soaring.

It’s estimated that almost 5 million people will work from coworking spaces by 2024, an increase of 158% compared to 2020 (Coworking Insights, 2021).

Likewise, at UBC we’re seeing increasing interest and take-up in our flexible office space - so much so that we’ve just added the 8th location to our UK network.

We’ve also introduced day passes and pay-as-you-go credits to accommodate even more flexibility.

But why? What’s driving this surge in demand?

In 2020, the idea of sharing office space was almost unthinkable given the social distancing measures of the time.

Now, after two years of separation, things are changing. Many people have missed the social interaction of the workplace and realise that while working from home is convenient, it’s not the most productive solution.

Entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes are now seeking more collaborative and supportive business communities in which to work.

Here’s what our customers are telling us:

  • Working from home is isolating - The home can be a lonely place when you live and work in the same four walls day in, day out. This is particularly true for solo entrepreneurs who don’t have regular access to a central office

  • Coworking is inspiring - Working alongside other people, even if you don’t work for the same company, is more mentally stimulating than working alone.

    Often, we find that our coworking clients value having like-minded professionals nearby for inspiration and ideas. It’s also helpful for building a business network - our clients regularly swap contacts and provide recommendations to each other

  • Business support is invaluable - Working alone, it’s easy to feel like you’re taking on the world all by yourself. But with UBC, you have access to business support from our own business centre staff. From answering phone calls to setting up your meeting room projector, having a little help on your side is a welcome relief

If you’re interested in joining a supportive community of business professionals, why not try coworking at UBC? 

We offer a full range of options, from cost-effective day passes to private flexible office space. We are located at eight well-connected business hubs. You can check out our locations here.

Finally, connect with UBC UK on Enterprise Nation today for more info.


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