Growing your business online: Where to start

Growing your business online: Where to start

Posted: Fri 25th Jan 2019

Stu Conroy, founder of Activ8, shares tips for building an online business.

Aren’t we all supposed to be running our business from the beach? Since setting up my first business in 2000, selling mobile phone accessories online, I’ve had massive highs and huge learning experiences when things didn’t go to plan (who put Icelandic ash clouds in their SWOT analysis?). I’ve had times when I couldn’t get out of bed and then times when I didn’t want to go to bed. Running a business is about being alive and working to your own vision. Activ8 now provide core elements to other businesses that we needed ourselves. We provide outsourced services from customer service and global taxation advice to freight and Marketplace management. We still do this work for our own brands so our team is looking daily at the changes and opportunities.  We work in industries which include sports companies, fashion, cosmetics, and health supplements through the same process-driven approach we had to build into our own business. We have built up a proven network of experts but just as importantly, we understand the questions we should be asking of new complimentary service providers that will help our clients grow. Our focus is in on keeping brand owners doing what they love as passion is at the heart of every successful venture.  My passion is helping small businesses grow or large businesses transition in the fast-paced environment of change that exists today. If we can help businesses learn from our mistakes and grow through our knowledge then I truly believe that business owners can be running their business from the beach. 

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