Five ways to manage your mental health

Five ways to manage your mental health
Vee Roberts
Vee RobertsInsight2marketing

Posted: Thu 2nd Nov 2023

As business owners (and humans, to be honest), our mental and physical health is so important.

More so if you're a solopreneur who is used to working alone or spending long periods of time in front of your smartphone or computer.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some tips to help you manage your mental health better:

1. Try to go outside often

Fresh air does us all good. I find new environments also encourage new ideas.

So, even if it's a walk, trip to your local coffee shop, train ride or bus journey, pick yourself up and get outside!

2. Say no to more

You don't have to say yes to everything.

If you make yourself available for every 'opportunity', how can you have time for yourself?

Have a routine that fits with what you enjoy doing. Say no more!

You're the boss of the business, so make decisions that are in line with what you want to do and what you enjoy doing.

Watch this webinar to discover five essential tips to ensure your wellbeing while thriving in the world of entrepreneurship:

3. Nurture your mind

…if you're always around negative people, negative news or negative environments.

Try and be around people who uplift and inspire you. Focus and feed your mind with positivity.

Some people will make suggestions like "switch off the news", but this is your personal preference.

I would recommend that you make time to read or listen to something as soon as you wake up.

4. Remember to ask for help if you need it

There's no sense in being flustered, anxious or tired from running a business.

The truth is, nothing changes if you don't make changes.

So if you're always stressed or depressed or feeling low, unless you make a decision to make changes and then make those changes, then nothing will change.

You have to manage your expectations. Seek professional help if you need to, outsource or learn what you don't know.

5. Working with some kind of plan helps

And I don't mean War and Peace.

I am suggesting a documented list of some kind, setting out your intentions. It will reduce the risk of being overwhelmed, allow you to work in a more structured way and more than likely give you clarity and reduce stress.

I actively encourage my clients to consider business and marketing planning, though I appreciate that planning isn't for everyone.

Writing a plan does not mean your plans are written in stone either allow some flexibility so you don't feel under pressure. Be realistic.

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Vee Roberts
Vee RobertsInsight2marketing
Vee Roberts gives you clarity on your brand and marketing using her 25+ years hands on industry experience in creating, developing and growing brands online and offline. She is a mother of 4 who is a qualified, multi-award winning, straight talking, non-textbook, non-guru Brand and Marketing Practitioner. She has been trusted by a number of very well known global brands to lead on their campaigns and has featured in Forbes, The Guardian, The Metro and a number of podcasts, TV and radio shows globally. She has a very results orientated approach. Vee became an accredited and qualified Brand and Marketing Professional in 2002 and in her spare time she takes part in charity work and is the lead for the Croydon Federation of Small Business. She is also a mentor for 3 well known companies and registered as a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and FRSA. Please get in touch if you'd like more information

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