Female founders: How to get everything done

Rosemary Cunningham
Rosemary CunninghamMoney Marketing and Soul CoachRosemary Cunningham, Business and Money Coach for Heart Centred Women Entrepreneurs

Posted: Tue 12th Mar 2019

Enterprise Nation adviser Rosemary Cunningham shares her best tips for female entrepreneurs, including:

  • How to get everything done: skill swapping and asking for help

  • Focus on your ideal client

  • What Rosemary wish she did when starting out in business

  • Female communities to join and the benefits

Rosemary Cunningham
Rosemary CunninghamMoney Marketing and Soul CoachRosemary Cunningham, Business and Money Coach for Heart Centred Women Entrepreneurs
 I’ve  been running my own therapy business for over 25 years now. I specialise in helping women launch and run their own businesses, charging what they are worth, utilising their gifts without efforting and burnout. I began in 1993 practicing Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Australian Flower Essences with a huge variety of clients.   My specialities have included helping women with fertility issues, treating children, anxiety and depression.    I really believe that business is a powerful avenue for positive change, spreading awareness, abundance and joy in the world.   My mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and healers to find joy, fulfilment and purpose through successful  businesses which bring opportunity, magic and abundance to the lives of many. As a tiny girl I loved to be a nurse and the passion continued! I absolutely adored nursing, qualified as a RGN successfully in 1994 but problems with eczema on my hands prevented me continuing, life had other plans for me. Life led me on an interesting path and my hands have always been my barometer.  When it’s time to make a change, to move on, my hands start to tell me and only stop when I make a decision!  I attract a lot of clients whose bodies are screaming at them to make a change.  I help them make sense of that, make decisions and move forward. As well as my therapy practice, I  help business owners or those who would love their own business to make great money using their gifts and living their purpose! This is an amazing era for entrepreneurs to help people grow and flourish. My mission is to help us find this without the efforting and stress that held me back and kept me playing very small for many years. What most business owners lack is money mastery and sound knowledge of the “m word”, Marketing.  Also a total knowledge of your ideal client, down to what they eat for breakfast.  When I found my missing links and my life turned around from that day. With my Success Signature, my business took on a totally different energy and meaning. I run Winning Women Essex which I founded for women like me.  We are a community  for women at all stages of business.  We have two meetings a month in Leigh and Chelmsford and special events too like Networking Adventures on the High Ropes at Rope Runners.  I also founded the Essex Business Women’s Experience which is  an annual one day event for women in business. If this is speaking to you, please contact me and let me find joy and ease in your business.   

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