Running a business while being a mum: Female entrepreneurs share their tips

Running a business while being a mum: Female entrepreneurs share their tips

Posted: Sun 31st Mar 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all your entrepreneurial mums out there!

To mark the occasion we asked three of Enterprise Nation's female members to share their tips on how to run a business alongside a family.

Joanna Michaels

I used to think that running a successful business and being a good mum required doing both simultaneously. But I have learnt that I'm actually at my very best when I focus on just one role at a time, and doing each to the best of my abilities.

I tried the juggling act in the past, working from home with kids running around in the background. It didn't work for me. I always ended up frazzled and feeling as if I was failing both as a mum and as a business owner.

My advice is do one thing at a time, be present and give it 100%.

Louise Brogan

I started this business so that I could work around my family. It's not so bad now all three are in school. I have to be organised, work while the kids are in school and wrap it up for 2pm-ish.

Tips for mums? Find a community of other women to bounce ideas, worries, concerns off. Get out and meet other women and keep a network around you.

Louise Brogan, Social Bee NI

Joy Foster

  1. Get help! First thing I did when I started taking a salary from my business was hire a cleaner.

  2. Ask your husband what things he can start doing more of. They want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed so getting them to share in school runs or doing laundry or cooking some of the meals will help a lot.

  3. Coach your children positively. When they need attention, give it to them because if you do, they will go back to doing other things so you can carry on working. Children want love, validation and security. If they are getting these three things, they will be happy and healthy. It is entirely possible to give them these three things while also working.

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