E-learning: Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Posted: Wed 7th Oct 2020

The Amazon Small Business Accelerator features an exciting free online learning programme.

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Introduction to Amazon Web Services Marketplace

There are thousands of different software solutions for organisations to help run their operations.

Businesses face various challenges to migrate to the cloud. Between licence restrictions, accelerated retirement of older products, new requirements for cloud workloads, complexity in migrating existing applications, and an inability to leverage existing agreements, these drive time and resource loads on finite procurement teams.

AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue, simplifies software provisioning and saves businesses time and resources.

With an expansive selection of software listings, flexible pricing models and quick deployment options, AWS Marketplace makes it easy to find, try, buy and deploy solutions for different needs that run on AWS.

Start by finding the software you need

AWS Marketplace works with thousands of independent software vendors, providing listings from a large breadth of categories, including machine learning, containers, networking, security, storage, DevOps, database, operating systems, BI and big data, and media. The software portfolio is scanned on a 24/7 basis for potential vulnerabilities.

Identify the best pricing option

Between hourly, monthly or a multi-year contract, you pay for what you need. You can also also bring your own licence and migrate to AWS with existing product licences.

Features like Seller Private Offers make it possible to negotiate offer details with independent software vendors. And if you want to test a product, you can take advantage of a free trial.

Deploy products

To finish, deploy products quickly with Amazon Machine Image, SaaS, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Containers Service, API, CloudFormation template, and more with a few clicks. Use one-click deployment for pre-configured software to deploy even faster.

Sort out your billing, cost management and reporting

AWS Marketplace makes it easy for you to get the software and price you need. And with AWS managing it, billing is made easy.

Centralised billing means you can deploy multiple software solutions and have your bills come from one source: AWS. AWS also provides cost management and reporting to help track details.

AWS Marketplace also releases new features regularly, continually innovating to make software provisioning even easier.

Learn why hundreds of thousands of active customers are already using AWS Marketplace to find, buy and deploy today. Learn more at

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