Google Business Profile: Creative photo ideas for every business

Google Business Profile: Creative photo ideas for every business
Dakota Murphey
Dakota MurpheyDakota Murphey

Posted: Fri 12th Apr 2024

Business profiles on Google are valuable tools for sharing news about your business and helping customers find you.

However, many businesses are not using their profile to its full potential. By optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP) with high-quality visuals, you can help build a stronger brand identity and ensure customers recognise you straight away.

Here are a few creative photo ideas to boost your online presence and encourage engagement.

Capture exterior shots

Exterior shots of your storefront, signage or surrounding amenities can be incredibly important angles that might be useful to a potential customer. Brick-and-mortar brands can pinpoint their store location more easily by adding photos of recognisable features. In fact, exterior shots can be valuable as cover photos.

Alternatively, if you don’t have much to work with for building shots, such as businesses that are within office blocks, taking high-quality photos of the street or surrounding neighbourhood can be a great option.

Top tip: For example, if you’re located next to a highly visible landmark, including this in your photo gallery can help customers find you.

Spotlight your products

Your GBP can be viewed as a digital storefront, so what better way to entice customers than by showing off your products with eye-catching photographs? Product posts are a fantastic way to show customers what your brand does differently and why they should shop with you, exhibiting the unique features of your products.

It’s a valuable type of post for any business, whether you’re a multi-location business, an e-commerce clothing store or a bakery – product photos are sure to capture the essence of your business and grab attention quickly for those micro-moments.

Watch this webinar to discover what the different kinds of micro-moments are and why you should care about them:

Announce events

Your profile can also be a great place to keep your audience informed of what your business is up to in the coming months. Social media is still the way to go for announcing events, but there’s no harm in using your GBP platform to attract new local customers and let people know of upcoming events or launches.

Bigger events could even be linked to via a profile post to take interested viewers to a dedicated landing page for increased conversions. Use your post to upload an eye-catching image overlaid with text about your event to grab attention.

Screenshot your wins

Social proof is incredibly powerful for increasing conversions and boosting your brand image. So, if you want to drive engagement with your GBP, be sure to include snapshots of your positive reviews.

You’re sure to be proud of positive feedback or glowing testimonials from your customers, so why not give them a starring moment on your profile’s feed? People use Google to find businesses and they’re usually looking for indicators of trust and reliability – positive reviews can encourage that.

Perhaps it’s a screenshot of a positive review on social media or an email you’ve received from a happy customer. Displaying your business wins on your profile demonstrates to customers that you’ve been recognised before for your excellence and great customer service, which sets you apart from competitors. Furthermore, it instils confidence in people who have yet to use your services or buy from you.

Include a team photo

People buy from people, not companies. Uploading team photos to put a face to the brand name can be a very effective marketing tactic. It humanises your brand and reminds people that you’re more than just a faceless logo.

Maybe you take action shots of people in the team working day to day or perhaps you opt for a professional, posed team photo that gets the whole company in one shot. It’s a brilliant way to show the kind of company you are and to allow customers a glimpse into the team behind the products or services they’re paying for.

Demonstrate products or skills with video

Want a more dynamic way to show off your brand personality? Videography tends to be overlooked by many people when it comes to GBP, but it can generate higher levels of engagement and shareability.

Crafting compelling videos increases the likelihood of a customer clicking on the post and sharing that content with someone else, which widens your reach and can help to grow your audience base.

Get creative with how you use videos for your profile, such as using them to show how a new product works, to highlight a particular employee role in the business or to showcase a customer testimonial.

Videos are a great way to improve search rankings and stand out from other companies online.

Demonstrate your expertise

GBPs are the perfect platform for directly communicating your expertise and industry knowledge with your customers. From how-to videos and tips your customers might appreciate to product comparisons, visuals are a great way to deliver informative content that helps you establish authority in your industry.

It can also be an effective way to encourage people to get in touch with you or other members of your team if they require further assistance on a certain topic.

Make sure to include a call-to-action at the end of your post to remind people how they can get in touch.

Maximise and optimise

Just like on social media platforms, GBP provides companies with the opportunity to share updates, promote events or product launches and give customers a behind-the-scenes look at their business. It’s the perfect place to keep your audience informed of what’s going on in the company and anything that might sway them to choose your brand over a competitor.

Visuals can help to drive engagement and boost conversions, but they also help your profile stand out because attention-grabbing photos and videos are more eye-catching than text alone.

Leverage high-quality visual assets for your profile and build a stronger online brand that attracts the right customers by getting creative with how you use photos to market your business.

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Dakota Murphey
Dakota MurpheyDakota Murphey

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