How to create eye-catching content for social media: A guide for small business owners

How to create eye-catching content for social media: A guide for small business owners
Ira Gambal
Ira GambalIra Gambal

Posted: Wed 12th Apr 2023

In today's digital age, social media has become an essential platform for small businesses to connect with their target audience.

Creating visually appealing content is a key element in building a successful social media strategy. Here are some tips to help you create eye-catching content for your social media platforms, courtesy of Enterprise Nation's very own social media guru Ira Gambal.

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Photos for your small business

Take eye-catching images

Images are a crucial element of social media marketing for small businesses. They can grab the attention of your target audience, tell a story about your brand, and help you stand out from the competition.

With the right techniques, you can take high-quality photos that are optimised for each social media platform and showcase your products or services in the best possible light.

Use natural lighting

When possible, take your photos outdoors or near a window to take advantage of natural light. If you're in a poorly lit room, try to adjust exposure – tap on the area of the image you want to focus on and then swipe up or down on the screen to adjust the brightness.

To lock both, focus and exposure, simply press and hold on to the subject until the yellow box appears and the AE/AF lock icon appears at the top of the screen.

Focus on composition

Try to frame your shot with interesting angles, leading lines, and contrasting colours. You can also use the grid feature to align your shots.

To turn on the grid on your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera, and toggle on the Grid option.

Optimise for the platform

Different social media platforms have different image size requirements. It’s always better to take photos in both portrait and landscape modes.

Edit your photos

Don't be afraid to edit your photos to enhance their impact. Use editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and colour balance, or to add filters and text overlays.

The Photos app on your iPhone has basic editing features that can help you improve your images. You can also use apps like VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom and more.

Post high-quality images

Make sure your images are clear and high-resolution. If you're looking for the highest possible quality images, consider shooting in RAW format. To do this, go to Settings > Camera, and toggle on the "Use RAW as Original" option.

And always clean your lens before taking a shot. Also, try to enable High Quality Uploads on Instagram.

Videos for your small business

Film captivating videos

Videos are a powerful way to engage with your followers on social media and create an emotional connection with your audience.

They can provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business, demonstrate your products or services, and share valuable information with your viewers.

By using good lighting, clear audio, and high-quality footage, you can create captivating videos that showcase your brand's personality and help you connect with your target audience.

Keep the phone steady

Hold the phone with both hands or use a tripod to avoid shaky footage.

Use good lighting

Shoot in natural light or in a well-lit area to avoid grainy footage. In addition, you can use a ring light.

Capture higher-quality footage

To turn on 4K video recording mode on your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video, and select 4K at 30 or 60 fps.

You can also use apps like ProMovie Recorder to take full advantage of your phone's videography capability.

Aim to record the best possible sound

Film in a quiet environment and speak clearly. To elevate the quality, try to use a microphone that connects to your phone.

Present yourself confidently

If you’re recording yourself, feel free to use the Teleprompter app to read your script. Do not keep your phone too close to your face. Try to be in a safe zone – a space free from Instagram key elements at the top and bottom.

Edit your videos

Enhance the impact of your videos and make them more engaging by using apps like iMovie and Adobe Premiere Rush, or edit them directly on TikTok or Instagram.

Copywriting for your small business

Make your copy engaging

Compelling copy is essential for any social media strategy as it can help you communicate your brand's message and values to your target audience.

It can provide valuable information about your products or services, encourage engagement and interactions, and drive traffic to your website.

With clear and concise language, storytelling techniques, and an understanding of the different requirements of each social media platform, you can create copy that resonates with your followers and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Write for your audience

Tailor your message to the interests and needs of your target audience.

Use clear and concise language

Avoid jargon and use simple language that is easy to understand.

Employ copywriting techniques

Craft a captivating headline and use storytelling to create an emotional connection with your readers and keep them engaged.

Know the platform

Different social media platforms have different requirements for content length and format, so make sure you adapt your writing accordingly.

Be authentic

Don't be afraid to share your personal experiences and opinions. This helps build trust and connection with your followers and can make your content more relatable and engaging.


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Ira Gambal
Ira GambalIra Gambal

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