How the new Enterprise Nation platform will help you build your business skills

How the new Enterprise Nation platform will help you build your business skills
Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

Posted: Mon 23rd Sep 2019

_Enterprise Nation is launching a new business support platform in October and in the build up to it being unveiled we're highlighting what you can expect to see on the revamped website and how we've designed it to solve your challenges as a small business owner.

So far we've explained how the new Enterprise Nation will help get you quicker answers to your questions and inspire you. This week we're talking about learning new skills._

Being a small business owner is probably one of the most challenging jobs in the world (although we also think one of the most rewarding). You often feel like you have different jobs at the same time as you need to wear many hats.

Enterprise Nation has always advocated outsourcing different elements of your business to experts but we know that it can also be very empowering to build your own knowledge too.

With this in mind we've created a section on the new Enterprise Nation platform focussed on helping you to expand your skills and build a great business.

Here's a selection of some of the things you will find in the 'learn something' section:

  • The latest business news so you can keep up with political and legislative developments that affect your business

  • Key campaigns to raise awareness of topical subjects

  • Thousands of articles, videos and resources categorised into key topics to easily find what you're looking for

  • The latest online masterclasses to give you a weekly crash course on a key skill

  • Learning focussed events to help you learn and build connections at the same time

Whilst we're busy building this news area and getting everything in shape, here are a few tips from me and other members ofthe Enterprise Nation team on our areas of expertise.

Business tips from the Enterprise Nation team

"When hosting an event, always think of the top three things you want your attendees to take away and list them on the event page in bullet points. This ensures your attendees know what they are going to learn/gain from attending."
Emma Greenfield, head of events

"When you're testing out new product ideas or prototypes with your target market rather than asking 'do you like it?' always ask 'would you buy it for this price?'. This will help you to better gauge the value your customer really puts on the product."
Sophie Arnold, head of product

"Social media is a great tool for building engagement around your business but don't make it all about you. Ask questions, post useful content and share other people's stuff. It's called 'social' media for a reason."
Dan Martin, head of content

"Working with partners is a great way to grow your business as it not only opens you up to a wider network but allows you to collaborate on campaigns, services and products that you would not have been able to achieve as a start-up or small business on your own. When looking to partner with an organisation always ask yourself two questions: Do they share the same value as my organisation? Will this partnership add real value to our customers?"
Polly Dhaliwal, head of member partnerships

Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

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