Best of 2019: Enterprise Nation's Small Business Sessions podcast

Best of 2019: Enterprise Nation's Small Business Sessions podcast

Posted: Tue 17th Dec 2019

When you're a small business owner, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and read about what other entrepreneurs are doing. Podcasts are the perfect way to catch up on inspirational stories and advice, without sacrificing time on your own business.

Enterprise Nation's podcasts have covered some of the biggest topics affecting small businesses this year. As part of our Best of 2019 series, we've rounded up some essential episodes to squeeze in over the Christmas break.

1. The Small Business Sessions: A mindset for growth from day one (S4E01)

In this episode, host Dan Martin is joined by Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones and Anne Timpany, who grew a one-man-band domestic plumbing business into a multi-million-pound company.

Discussed in the episode:

  • What it takes to have a "growth mindset"

  • The frustration of chasing late payments

  • Female entrepreneurs' attitudes to risk

Listen here

2. The Small Business Sessions: Improving the mental health off Britain's founders and employees (S04, E09)

Improving mental health has been a crucial topic on Enterprise Nation in 2019. This episode features Ry Morgan, co-founder of Unmind, a B2B workplace wellness platform that helps to decrease stress and improve sleep.

Ry started the business after suffering from clinical depression while building and exiting his first business. In this insightful episode, he talks to host Dan Martin about:

  • Why employers need to support employees' health and wellbeing

  • Investors' reactions to the issue

  • How entrepreneurs can manage their own mental health

Listen here

3. The Small Business Sessions: A tale of two businesses (S04, E05)

This episode of Small Business Sessions looks at business growth and what's required to make it work.

Host Dan Martin is joined by Xero co-founder Gary Turner and Papersmiths co-founder Sidonie Warren. Gary Turner has successfully grown Xero from a three-person start-up to an accounting behemoth, with £40m revenue and hundreds of staff. Papersmiths' Sidonie Warren has grown the independent stationery chain to five stores, from an initial budget of just £500.

Get useful advice on:

  • Maintaining a strong company culture through growth

  • Creating an effective brand identity

  • Why leaders need to be accessible and accountable

Listen here

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This podcast was recorded and edited by Enterprise Nation member and audio production service Podraffi.

Chris has over a decade of experience writing about small businesses and startups. He runs Inkwell, a content agency that helps companies that sell to small business owners grow their audiences through content marketing. You can find him on Twitter at @CPGoodfellow.

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