Beating the algorithms: Three key social media strategies

Beating the algorithms: Three key social media strategies
Alison Battisby
Alison BattisbySocial Media ConsultantAvocado Social

Posted: Wed 21st Feb 2018

Ahead of speaking at the Small Business Social Media Summit in Bristol, Alison Battisby, founder of Avocado Social, looks at ways to build your business's engagement on social media amid the changing algorithms.

Social media platforms are built on algorithms; a set of rules which control how content is displayed to us.

In January, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to "prioritise posts from friends and family over public content".

In actual fact, Facebook and Instagram are constantly adjusting their algorithms, which means your average amount of likes and comments on your posts can be vastly different.

It's important to understand the changes in these algorithms and how you can adjust your social media strategy to make sure your business is still being found online.

Here are three key ways to make sure your business activity is worthwhile and you are still spreading brand awareness through social media.

Spark discussion

Facebook states that "Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed."

Ask your Facebook and Instagram community to share their opinions – like trends, innovative uses of your products, and their feedback on your brand.

Share content that you know your fans will absolutely love, and want to share with their own friends and family.

Assess your video strategy

How many live video notifications do you get on Facebook and Instagram now? Love it or hate it, it's a key way to stand out in the platforms.

Think about creating a live video that will add value, like teaching your community something cool or interviewing someone of interest. Don't just wave your phone around in front of your face; it's not a good brand look!

Reach out to influencers

It's time to think about your influencer marketing strategy, if you haven't already. How can you encourage others to talk about your business authentically?

We're moving away from one-off paid #ad and #sponsored posts on Instagram and more towards long-term brand ambassadors.

Reach out to a group of loyal customers, or some Instagrammers who match your business ethics and interests, and see if they're interested in becoming ambassadors in return for some exclusives.

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Alison Battisby
Alison BattisbySocial Media ConsultantAvocado Social
Alison Battisby is a digital marketing instructor and social media expert, and founded Avocado Social in 2014 having worked in the social media industry since 2008. Alison has worked with a wide range of start-ups and growing enterprises, as well as big brands including Estee Lauder, Tesco and Pringles. Alison is an accredited She Means Business Facebook trainer, and has travelled the world training companies including the BBC, John Lewis, Cambridge University Press and Interflora. Alison has been praised for her friendly manner and professional approach, which suits all levels of knowledge and understanding. The Drum named Alison one of the top 50 freelancers in the UK, and Enterprise Nation named Alison one of the top 50 advisors in the UK.

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