7 Tell-Tale Signs You're Ready to Start Your Own Business

7 Tell-Tale Signs You're Ready to Start Your Own Business
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Posted: Mon 5th Aug 2013

Feel like you're ticking along, but not really living? Like it might be time to sack off the day job and do your own thing? Look out for these signs that are telling you it's time to leave the rat race and set up your own business

  1. Talking about your job bores you to tears. Your heart sinks when someone asks you what you do for a living. Just the thought of work can ruin a perfectly fine evening or Sunday afternoon. It might be time to move on from your job - and into something that can sustain your interest, like running your own business.

  2. You think you can run your company better than your boss. You've been in your job long enough to feel like you could run things better yourself. This isn't just resentment - it's your business brain kicking into gear. Maybe you could run things better, if it were your own business?

  3. You've got an idea that you can't stop thinking about. You're so used to having an idea that someone else has already done, but this one feels different. It's not been done before, or at least not been done well. You've found a gap in the market or a niche that works for you - and you can't stop thinking about it.

  4. You want to take control of your life. You're tired of being at someone else's beck and call. Just once in a while, you'd like to work from home, in a coffee shop or around your children. You can work just as well your own way, but you're frustrated you haven't had the opportunity to do it.

  5. You need a new challenge. You've been in a holding pattern for some time now. You could do your job with your eyes closed and with one hand tied behind your back! You haven't learned anything new for a while, and you need a challenge.

  6. You're inspired (and envious) of others who've already done it. You pore over profiles of entrepreneurs in the weekend papers, and you dream of having your own double-page spread one day, telling your story ("She read a post on the Enterprise Nation blog"¦").

  7. You think you might just be able to pull it off. You know, deep down, that there's a chance you could really pull this off! Your toes are at the edge of the diving board - you just need a bit of gentle encouragement to take the plunge"¦

If you recognise any of these signs, then you really do have a chance to make it in business. And if you need a bit of encouragement - before you take the plunge - come along to one of our StartUp Saturday one-day business classes. You'll learn everything you need to know to start your own business, and you'll meet lots of other people in the same boat.

San Sharma (@sansharma) is editor of the Enterprise Nation blog

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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