30 start-up ideas for entrepreneurs with low capital

30 start-up ideas for entrepreneurs with low capital
Cecilia Patterson
Cecilia PattersonMTC Consultancy/MTC Marketing Research Solutions

Posted: Mon 29th Aug 2022

If my last blog post on growing your business online inspired you to consider launching a full-time or part-time business, you're in for a treat.

You'll agree that the market landscape has changed and, as a result, this has both caused job losses and led to people creating new businesses.

To assist our prospective clients, we at MTC Consultancy scoured the internet for low-capital, start-up ideas.

There are so many business ideas, but we've selected some that don't require a substantial amount of capital to launch and may be readily started as a side gig.

We provide a list of 30 business ideas with low start-up costs that you might examine if you're prepared to launch and run your own business. Consider this list as if you were an investor evaluating different companies' investment opportunities.

Below are some of the business concepts you may explore, tweak and launch as your own business.

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1) Energy auditor

As an energy auditor, you advise individuals on how they can reduce their carbon footprint and monthly energy costs.

In an age where everyone is "going green," this service is in high demand. Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, and many would appreciate assistance in understanding their energy consumption and monthly bills.

2) Bizonline.App website consultant

Business On-Line is an all-in-one platform for people to use if they want to start a small business.

Web design is of utmost importance to businesses starting out. Build websites, funnels, e-commerce, and CRM in this one platform.

There is an ongoing demand for website design and website building, so if you're highly skilled in that area, you can use this tool to design a good number of websites and funnels for your business services or your clients in different industry sectors.

3) Electric charging station provider

Many people believe that electric cars are the future. As such, this business is expected to grow immensely in the upcoming years as the need for electric charging stations increases. Starting this business is certainly an investment for a successful future.

4) Electric scooter brand

You can start your own electric scooter brand as the demand for this continues to grow. You can choose to either sell your electric scooters or rent them out, as their popularity continues to increase, especially among the young. People use these scooters not only for fun but also to commute to work or their place of study.

5) Organic café

Organic cafés are increasingly popular, particularly for people who are more becoming health-conscious. If you're a fan of organic food, you may wish to provide people with premium organic products.

6) Gluten-free bakery

A gluten-free bakery can serve that part of the population that has allergies to gluten. The growth potential of this business can include other customers as well, and you can also include other food products.

7) Organic vending machine

If you live in a high-traffic area, you can start an organic vending machine business. With the demand for organic products continually rising, simply providing these products to the passing public in the right place can have good results.

8) Web development

This is a most valuable skill, as it's currently in high demand. The most important skill in this field is coding, which you can learn online.

Earn an additional passive income as a web developer by designing your own unique themes and then selling them on websites as design templates. It's highly recommended that you take some courses before starting your business in this area.

9) App developer

If you know how to provide digital solutions, you could consider becoming an app developer. Figure out which niche is yet to be filled. People are always looking to make their lives easier, and the right apps can save them a lot of time and effort.

10) SaaS business owner

Develop and offer software as a service (SaaS), which is a cloud-based software program that delivers different applications over the internet as a service.

Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access one SaaS through the internet (via a SaaS website), freeing yourself from installing software and the complexities of managing hardware for that software.

Examples are Microsoft 365, Google Cloud SaaS Platform (G Suite), Zapier, and many others.

11) IoT service provider

This is the kind of business you can do completely online. It involves providing organisations and businesses with hardware sensors, the necessary IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure, and continual support.

You can combine IoT and software education. The need to acquire knowledge of software has become a universal one, meaning there is immense potential for growth in this industry.

Examples of IoT include connected appliances, smart home security systems or equipment, and wearable health monitors.

12) SEO manager/consultant

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a necessity for everyone who wants their website to be ranked at the top of search engines. Companies are increasingly looking for SEO experts to improve their brand visibility.

13) Manage digital marketing campaigns

The key to running a successful business managing digital marketing campaigns is to be able to increase awareness of your client's brand. This is an excellent idea for anyone with great marketing and relationship skills.

14) Influencer marketing

Do you have a large following on your social media accounts? Leverage your reach and influence online to market other people's products by sharing information about products and services.

Companies know that there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth. Instagram is by far the most popular platform for influencers.

15) Affiliate marketing

This entails promoting other people's products to get commissions on their sales. You can easily combine this business with promoting a number of small businesses such as crafts, beer pubs, wine bars, home chefs, and meal preparation services.

The most famous platform used for this purpose is Amazon, but you can also promote products by blogging. For a fee, you could sign up all the small businesses in your area and mention their products and services in your blogs.

Often, small businesses don't have the time to promote their business, or the know-how to reach large audiences online, providing an opening for you.

16) E-books

Producing and selling e-books can be a very fulfilling online business if you know how to package your knowledge and skills into a downloadable e-book form.

To be successful, however, you need to identify your target audience and write in a way that stimulates their interest.

17) Data analysis

Interpreting and ordering data is a valuable skill in the fast-paced modern world. If you can order, interpret and cast raw data in an easily accessible and digestible format, this might just be the right career for you.

Helping people who are struggling to reach the right clients using data is a vital and rewarding service to provide.

18) Online bookkeeping

Thousands of companies all over the globe now outsource bookkeeping, and with online software and appointment-setting tools in abundance, digital nomads can easily manage their clients' accounts from anywhere in the world.

Even better if you have the qualifications. Provide high-quality services and establish a good reputation, and the sky will be the limit for any accounting company.

19) Dog walking

If you love pets, this is also a great way of turning your passion into a business. Many dog owners simply don't have time to take their dogs out for a long walk daily, which makes this a very sought-after service.

20) Pet grooming

Provide pet grooming services where you offer haircuts and spas for people's pets. People love their pets and are happy to pay for such services. You may find that there are a huge number of pets in your neighbourhood.

21) Tailoring

Style and fashion are here to stay, so tailoring will always be a good business opportunity.

Do you know how to sew or use a tailoring machine? You have the potential to start a successful business from home. You may add other services, such as making clothing alterations.

People not only want to dress for success but also want to look their best for that special occasion by making sure they fit perfectly in outfits of their choice.

Coupled with good taste in fabrics, you can outdo your competition and run a highly successful business from home.

Examples of things that you can make are throws, scarves, hats or cushion covers. By providing services like clothing alterations, you can cater to this need for people in your local community.

Often, people are forced to buy a new wardrobe to lose some weight. Some people have problems finding the right fit. You can come to the rescue of the customers and the environment by doing this.

22) Craft business

Crafting is a very specialised skill. A lot of people are also interested in learning this skill, so as well as providing your own customised crafts and embroidery, you can also teach people art lessons or start up a knitting club.

By possessing the skills to make high-quality rugs, carpets, knits, dyeing leatherwork, etc., you'll be on your way to creating an extra income for yourself.

23) Baking

If you're a good baker and this is your favourite hobby, you can easily turn this into a money-making business, as many people prefer homemade products.

Nowadays you aren't even limited to your local community, as online marketing and sales can greatly broaden your client base.

24) Amazon store/reselling

Starting an Amazon store can be a highly rewarding business, even if the industry is highly competitive.

Everything is going virtual, and an increasing number of people are buying online, which means that if you're selling the right products, your business will flourish.

The great thing is that you don't have to make any of the items you sell. You can be a reseller. Amazon reselling is a business idea that opens up a lot of opportunities.

You can buy valuable products at local garage sales then resell them on Amazon at a profit. You can do the same on other platforms. For example, buying things on eBay is a lucrative business model.

If you can hunt down the right bargains at the right time, you can sell the items at a good profit.

25) Home painting service

Aesthetics are important to people – especially in their homes. If you can provide cost-effective painting services, plus other handyman services, and build a good reputation, you have a business model destined for success.

This type of business is easy to start by helping friends and neighbours who do not have the skills to do it. Reasonable fees and a good reputation will encourage more people to sign up for your services in your local area, since professional services tend to have long waiting lists.

26) House staging for estate agents

House staging is all about rearranging the furniture and features of a house to make its interior more appealing to potential buyers.

Through house staging, you provide an essential service to real estate agencies that aim to sell properties at the highest possible price.

27) Environmental consultant

You can become an environmental consultant and help entrepreneurs reduce their carbon footprints. This is a relatively new and growing business idea in an era where environmental concerns are a top priority worldwide.

28) E-commerce store

If you have an eye for style but don't want to invest in a boutique, consider an online consignment shop.

If you can source popular products and sell them at a profit, an e-commerce store might be a great idea for you. Whether you're selling your own products, those produced by other people or both, you'll be able to reach a worldwide audience with certain items.

You can become a consignment online shop owner and it will allow you to curate a collection of clothing that matches your client's needs, without the expense of premises.

29) Online teaching or tutoring

Education has gone virtual. Long gone are the days when all students only attend lectures on campus. With the right skill set and qualifications, you can earn a living by teaching from home.

This could either be in real-time or through a series of prepared lessons that anyone can tap into, without you needing to be online at the time.

You could also tutor students online. Schoolchildren and university students are in constant need of improving their knowledge and grades. By providing a tutoring service, you'll gain the satisfaction of fulfilling this need by helping students improve, while you earn a living at the same time.

30) Career coaching

You can help others move forward in their own career by guiding them with the right advice and strategies as well as helping them set appropriate goals. That can include CV writing, which can be a business all on its own.

The job market is tough, and jobseekers often search for help to create a great CV.

If you can help people to land their desired job by providing high-quality career guidance and CVs, your reputation will mean you have a steady line-up of customers.

An additional benefit to making this a successful business for you is the satisfaction of making other people's lives better.

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