Tuesday 21st May 2024

Lunch and Learn: Using sustainability to boost business growth

Lunch and Learn: Using sustainability to boost business growth
Veronica Broomes
Veronica Broomes
Sustainability Support: Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd

Date:Tue 21st May 2024
Time:11:00 - 11:30

In this Lunch and Learn session, Dr Veronica Broomes will delve into the competitive advantages of sustainability and debunk common myths that hinder business growth. She will explain what sustainability audits are and how they serve as powerful tools to showcase actions that reduce harm to the planet and people.

You will also gain valuable insights into why being strategic now will help you meet the changing expectations and requirements of customers, clients and regulatory shifts, including the impact of carbon taxes.

Dr Veronica is a sustainability specialist, business mentor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Combining expertise in sustainability and business mentor skills, she helps through customised sustainability training, preparing sustainability audit reports and carbon reduction plans. All resulting in gaining a competitive edge, reducing costs (marketing, recruitment, etc), avoiding greenwashing and winning more business.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover why sustainability matters and myths that prevent businesses from gaining a competitive edge
  • What sustainability audits can do for your business to show 'planet and people' credentials
  • Importance of preparing for changing demands on sustainability from customers and carbon taxes

If you have any questions you'd like Dr Veronica to answer during the webinar, please send them to

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Veronica Broomes
Veronica Broomes
Sustainability Support: Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd
My name is Veronica Broomes, my business brand is 'Your Small Business Coach' and it was founded in 2010 when I qualified as a Small Business Coach. Over the years, I have found a niche in Price Setting Strategies for SMEs and helping business owners avoid common pricing mistakes.  My early career included working on impact assessments (environmental, social) and was followed by many years as a Researcher and Consultant on Sustainability (pillars: social, economic, environmental) and CSR. From Linkedin profile, you can see a commitment to continued professional development and entrepreneurship.  I help owner-founders and directors of SMEs grow profits through:  A) choosing best strategies for pricing and avoiding common mistakes in price setting, and  B) Conducting Sustainability Audits, Action Plans, Policy statements.  Take a look at my services and call to see how I can help you to grow your business as a first- or second-time Founder.

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