Monday 25th Mar 2024

Lunch and Learn: How to use generative AI to grow your business

Lunch and Learn: How to use generative AI to grow your business
Sam Onigbanjo
Sam Onigbanjo
Great Business Platforms Ltd

Date:Mon 25th Mar 2024
Time:12:00 - 12:30

In this Lunch and Learn, Sam Onigbanjo will demystify the powerful capabilities of generative AI for entrepreneurs working from home.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, understanding and leveraging AI is no longer optional but essential for scaling productivity, reducing costs and enhancing online visibility. Through this webinar, Sam will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to harness the potential of generative AI.

Sam is a seasoned business coach and technology marketer. He is at the forefront of using AI to help SMEs and entrepreneurs globally and has an impressive track record of over six years in the AI industry, specialising in generative imagery.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to create generative imagery for marketing and other purposes
  • Find out how to prompt and solve almost any marketing or business problem
  • Find out how to create 90 days of social media content

If you have any questions you'd like Sam to answer during the webinar, please send them to

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Sam Onigbanjo
Sam Onigbanjo
Great Business Platforms Ltd
Sam Onigbanjo, BSc (Hons) FCIM is the Founder of Great Business Platforms. Sam Onigbanjo runs a successful business mastermind and public speaking academy, where he and his team of coaches have trained over 1,000 business leaders. The Truth I've found is everyone has a story but "How" to tell the story and which "Social Media Platforms" to place them on to and How to get engagement and convert traffic is the point where the free youtube videos leave you lonely or the hyped-up talk by that helpful person suddenly stops.  Entrepreneurs enjoy telling their story and don't want to get involved in marketing because it makes them feel "untrue" or  Enjoy telling their story and like marketing but they don't genuinely understand where to learn or how to use the new marketing tools out there. With my team of specialists I can help with Planning a disciplined marketing growth strategy Executing your Lead Generation Developing an Ebook Putting in place recurring Income Email list building Sales Funnels Developing Online courses Automated Webinars Developing your story and public speech Selling your dream story, service or product Sam has been featured as a cover story in the Business Insider, The Daily Express, Newsweek Virgin Entrepreneur, as well as in CNBC Business. He has also been a panellist on numerous business shows on Sky TV. Sam, has been an elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 2006. Sam is also a Certified Digital Marketer, Direct Copy response writer. Sam has featured as a Speaker at Barclays Bank, Kaspersky Internet and the Best You Conference, The Virtual List building Conference, The Wealth Conference and many more He is the Creator of a couple of renowned tools, including the, N.B.A.S F.A.A.T.S and A.D.E, tools that will help anyone, discover their Individual personal authority and craft a story or speech that converts an audience to Monetized clients. Sam is extremely passionate, focused and driven about helping you Individually achieve your dream or goal. His Mastermind/Business Accelerator clients attest to his personal attention to their goals. Sam motivates you to successfully launch your passion or business, and will help you take your entrepreneurial life to the next level. So If you want to avoid time-wasting maybe you should explore jumping on one of my sessions and hear from UK based Success stories and let them tell you how we work together to achieve the Win/Win. Click here to see more 

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