Wednesday 10th Apr 2024

Lunch and Learn: How to balance your business and wellbeing

Lunch and Learn: How to balance your business and wellbeing
Sheena Mason-White
Sheena Mason-White
Mason White Productions Limited

Date:Wed 10th Apr 2024
Time:11:00 - 11:30

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed, clocking in long hours to propel your business forward? Do you wish for peace and being in charge of your life?

In this Lunch and Learn, Sheena Mason-White will dive into Human Design, a revolutionary system that offers a personalised blueprint for navigating life and work with ease, joy and abundance.

She will share her journey with Human Design, unveiling a framework that has empowered countless individuals to reclaim control over their lives and businesses.

Known as the 'Queen of reinvention', Sheena has spent years working in the corporate world as an executive coach and team facilitator for companies like Marks & Spencer, Fujitsu, Microsoft UK and Heinz.

About three years ago, just as she was about to retire, she discovered Human Design and it changed her life. Now she helps entrepreneurs live their lives with ease, joy and abundance.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand the importance of living in your individual Human Design blueprint
  • Learn how you can become a client magnet
  • Find out how to live your life with ease, joy and abundance

If you have any questions you'd like Sheena to answer during the webinar, please send them to

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Sheena Mason-White
Sheena Mason-White
Mason White Productions Limited
I am the Queen of Reinvention, certified in Human Design and Emotional Intelligence. I’m also a long-time student of Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction). Entrepreneurs hire me because secretly, they know they’re capable of so much more, but either they don’t know what’s stopping them from taking the next move or they do and they’re ignoring their intuition. Is this YOU?That’s totally normal. That’s where all my clients begin.I like to ask challenging questions, so let’s start. Do you value yourself?Do you fantasise about a different or much better life when you have space and time for yourself?I’ve been here myselfFriends and colleagues would say to me - you’re so successful, how do you do it? But I didn’t feel successful. I had nothing other than my work. I’d worked globally in the boardrooms of several blue-chip companies, as an Executive Coach and team-building expert. I was highly trained and knew I was talented. Twenty years ago I was using some pretty advanced energy and play techniques which got great results. I helped grown men in grey suits get out of their heads and into their gut and their intuition. I had great fun at work.Away from that environment, I had a secret life going on in my head which meant I was desperately trying to find someone to love me.In 2013 I began dating my husband, John. We dated way back in 1983 and somehow 30 years later, John discovered me online. That's a story for another time. I found John and the Law of Attraction at the same time. Neither of us was in a good place, but we made a promise to ourselves that we were going to help each other, communicate openly and find happiness together.The Law of Attraction most definitely helped us both examine our behaviour and what we were attracting, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Human Design that the magic happened. I began to see I wasn’t valuing my uniqueness.I began to see I was hiding and keeping myself small. I began to see the life that I’d kept secret from others WAS how I was meant to beAs The Queen of Reinvention, I help women understand their uniqueness and how to make their secret life come true.

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