Tuesday 12th Apr 2022

Lunch and Learn: Get to know your business finances

Lunch and Learn: Get to know your business finances
Adam Page
Adam Page
Adam Page Training

Date:Tuesday 12th Apr 2022
Time:11:00 - 11:30

Lunch and Learn with Enterprise Nation

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Tuesday 12 April: Get to know your business finances

In this free 30 minute webinar, Adam Page, founder of Adam Page training and adviser on Enterprise Nation will be taking you through how you can get to know your finances, the secret weapon for your business.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why getting to know your business finances is key;
  • What you can learn about your business through your finances;
  • How you can use the knowledge of your finances to your advantage.

Adam will also be drawing on his own experiences and sharing stories about his own business journey.

Please send any questions you'd like Adam to answer during the webinar to

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Adam Page
Adam Page
Adam Page Training
There are three simple but important ideas around finance that entrepreneurs MUST know: first, finance is not nearly as complicated as people think - it's based on a dozen very simple concepts that explain ALL of finance; that, statistically, entrepreneurs who understand finance have far better chances of raising funds AND have a far greater chance of running a viable business; thirdly, finance is about the future (accounting is only a small part of it), it's about being smart about how you build the business, it's creative, and it's as much a part of the entrepreneurial armoury as great design, great engineering, and great marketing. I think finance is your secret weapon, your unfair advantage! I have 35 years in multiple financing environments, from large scale transactions in the US, Europe, UK and Asia, right down to entrepreneurial financing and start-ups as a founder, fund manager, investor, trouble-shooter, I've written and read countless business plans, and built countless financial models. I've also coached and taught many entrepreneurs (as well as senior corporate execs, national business journalists, analysts, consultants and wealth & asset managers). I really enjoy it! And I'll be happy to help you.

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