What does the bootcamp involve?

Each bootcamp series will begin with an in-person launch event. Two online sessions will follow.

By taking part, you'll get access to an hour-long, one-to-one session with a trusted Google Mentor. Together, you’ll develop an action plan for getting your business online.

Bootcamp breakdown

In-person session

  1. How to build a brand online: Building brand awareness and storytelling

  2. Create your online store: Key elements to e-commerce

  3. The power of a platform: All things social media and creating content

Online session one

  1. How to create a website for your business

  2. Key features of a winning website 

Online session two

  1. How to use AI for marketing 

  2. Digital marketing strategies

Bootcamp breakdown

The benefits of taking part in a business.connected bootcamp

Personal support from an adviser

Personal support from an adviser

You'll be able to hold a one-to-one discovery call with a trusted business adviser. They'll help you work out how to use technology to make improvements to your business and support you with putting together an action plan.

Bootcamp series

Bootcamp series

A three-week bootcamp series taking place in person and online, covering web development, marketing strategy, social media content and other topics. You can also access practical content in between sessions, including guides, blogs and webinars.

Eligibility requirements

Get access to free guided e-learning

Throughout the course of the digital bootcamp, you will get access to guided e-learning modules to help you apply the tips and tricks you learn in the sessions. Get a taste of the e-learning with this video on digital marketing.

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