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Discover the stories of Enterprise Nation members

Morgan Arnell

Crumbs Brewing

Turning bread into beer

Brewing with bread has been around for a long time. I was no more than an enthusiastic home brewer, but I wanted to do my bit to tackle food waste and make bread the hero of the product.

Investing extra time and money to get the product as good as it could be from the start was key. We needed real expertise from day one

It's almost too easy to start a business these days. It feels like everybody is at it and there are hundreds of agencies and charlatans, all claiming to be the best choice to help you grow.

Morgan Arnell, Crumbs Brewing
Enterprise Nation is made up of a passionate group of professionals who can help you navigate this maze.

Emily Canino


I wanted a job that I could do around my kids.

I am a graphic designer and when my kids came along I knew I needed a business that I could do around them. When my eldest was born we decorated his nursery with some characters which we turned into posters. Doodlemoo grew from there.

Doing everything myself is hard and there has been times when I nearly gave up, so I've learned it's important to find supportive business groups.

Enterprise Nation webinars helped me so much as I can't always leave my studio and being able to talk to experts has been great.

Emily Canino, Doodlemoo
There is so much you can learn from all the information available at Enterprise Nation.

Sam Lehane


We help grown-ups get creative

We trained as accountants, and true to the stereotype we rarely expressed our creative side. So on a chilly New Year's day walk, we chatted about how nice it would be to have a place where we could just chill out and try something creative..

Initially we ran M.Y.O (Make Your Own) whilst also working part-time. It was a little bit of a struggle juggling it all and there were lots of late nights. Having a circle of people to chat to and getting an outside opinion really helped.

Sam Lehane, M.Y.O

We've gone to Enterprise Nation events and found the information on the website incredibly helpful. One of the events was with the founder of Love Crafts, an online marketplace for crafts materials which has spread from the UK to the US.

Enterprise Nation inspired us to think bigger and dream that one day that could be us.

Alexandria Davies


The original (and only) Chia Seed fruit spread.

As a child I suffered from allergies that persisted as I got older. The list of things I could enjoy was slowly decreasing until I went to Australia and discovered a whole world of healthier and tastier alternatives.

I kept experimenting with chia seed jam recipes when moved back to the UK and finally quit my job to launch Cham in 2017.

Alexandria Davies, cham

With my Enterprise Nation membership, I pitched to Selfridges and eventually got listed.

The support Enterprise Nation has provided is next level.
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