How the new Enterprise Nation platform will build a closer community

How the new Enterprise Nation platform will build a closer community
Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

Posted: Mon 14th Oct 2019

Enterprise Nation is launching a new business support platform in October and in the build up to it being unveiled we're highlighting what you can expect to see on the revamped website and how we've designed it to solve your challenges as a small business owner.

So far we've explained how the new Enterprise Nation will help get you quicker answers to your questions, inspire you, build new business skills, find the right tools and make connections. This week we're talking about changes we're making to your membership.

As we've taken on board new ways in which we can improve the website to help your business, we've also been looking at how Enterprise Nation membership can change to better suit your business needs as well.

Your Enteprise Nation membership

Firstly, we will be merging small business and adviser membership into one simple membership tier.

When we created the two membership types our intention was to make it easy for small businesses to identify advisers who could help them to progress but we've heard feedback that it created an unnecessary divide in the community as many small businesses are advisers and many current small business members have lots of valuable advice to share too.

The new membership type will give everyone an equal chance to give and take advice.

All members will now have the option to share their advice with the community by writing blog posts or hosting online masterclasses. This will allow more members to raise the profile of their business whilst making sure the breadth and variety of content being produced stays fresh.

We hope that breaking down this barrier between members will encourage more networking and connections to be made. We've got big plans brewing for this in the offline world too so stand by for more information on that early in the new year.

Enterprise Nation has always been about bringing the small business community in the UK together and we look forward to embarking on this next stage with you!

Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

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