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16 03 2023
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09 02 2023

About Eddington Pindura

Eddington is the founder of Internet Marketing HQ Ltd and EN Advisor. If you are anything like Ed, you love the internet and making money, he will explain more about himself and how he combined the 2 and changed his life, if you happen to meet him. Over the years Eddington has coached and mentored 100s of internet/network marketers to start or grow their businesses using the Internet. He now provides digital marketing advice to SMEs to achieve their marketing goals.

Eddington’s mentoring experience

Why I chose to become a mentor!

“It is very rewarding when the mentee actually takes things on board and puts them into practice. Especially when this means that the mentee becomes visibly more confident, with a better Mentor understanding of the challenges ahead, and is more focussed or clearer on their future.” ~Mentor

✅ An opportunity to reflect on my own experience from a new perspective.

✅ Meet contacts outside of my current business environment.

✅ Opportunity to "give something back".

How Eddington can help your business

I will help you uncover your hidden marketing needs, identify leads, engage prospects, build trust, & convert.

The marketing landscape has changed, and understanding the customer journey has never been vital whether you are a business owner, product marketer, sales expert, or manager. Nurturing your clients through every stage of the customer journey - and understanding where your product offering fits along the journey - will set you up for conversations, conversions, and positive sentiments.


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