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Starting a business from home

There are quite a few steps involved with launching a new business, but you don't have to act alone. When you have the right support network behind you, you can hit the ground running. If you have a great business idea but need expert advice on turning it into reality, Enterprise Nation can help.

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We've created a free seven day email course covering the steps involved with starting a business. Learn everything you need to know from start-up expert Emma Jones and get inspiration from successful Enterprise Nation members.

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Here are few things to focus on:

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Making a business plan

Got a brilliant idea? Learn how to plan and start a business from home. We will show you how to turn that dream into a reality.

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Marketing and sales

Learn more about marketing plans, using social media for business purposes, and promoting your new products and services effectively.

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Gain insights into small business cashflow management, getting paid on time and ensuring there’s more money coming in than going out!

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Small business success stories are testament to the fact that hard work, combined with our support, can make great things happen.

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