StartUp 2017 logoAt StartUp 2017, the biggest start-up show of the New Year in London on 14 January, we will have a select number of business advisers sharing their business expertise for free!

If you have a ticket to StartUp 2017, you can meet our advisers on floor one of KPMG and book in for a 30 minute consultation.

It is advisable to book your appointment soon to avoid disappointment as they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

The advisers are:

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Adam Wright, KPMG Small Business Accounting

At KPMG, we’re passionate about small business. But we know how hard it can be to grow without the right people on your side. 

Small Business Accounting is KPMG’s accounting service for small businesses. 

You get unlimited access to your own dedicated KPMG accountant, who is an expert in growing businesses like yours, whatever stage of the journey you’re at. 


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Alison Lewy, fashion industry expert -

Alison Lewy MBE is the founder of fashion business support agency Fashion Angel. Fashion Angel offers mentoring, training, networking events and access to funding to start up fashion business entrepreneurs.

They are a Delivery Partner for the government backed Start Up Loan scheme, and the only one to specialise in supporting fashion start-ups. 

Alison is also author of Design Create Sell - a guide to starting and running a successful fashion business and has helped 100s of fashion brands start and grow in to successful global businesses. 

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Amanda Ruiz, PR expert for entrepreneurs -

Amanda Ruiz, also known as The Ultimate Door Opener, trains entrepreneurs how to secure press exposure so that they can go from being invisible in their industry to #VISIBLE in order to attract more clients. She has created a proven process called The 7 Secrets on How to Get into the Press. 

With Amanda’s training and mentoring, her clients regularly feature in major glossies, national newspapers as well as high end blogs which can often be a game changer for their businesses. She is also in demand with authors who want promote their books to the press.


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Claire Brumby, The Food Guide -

Business development for the food industry. Our mission is simple: to help your business and brand grow and thrive profitability through sharing the wealth of expertise, knowledge and contacts gained over 25 years.

Over the past decade we successfully launched Scrubbys Vegetable Crisps, an award winning premium healthier snacking brand, into a fiercely competitive sector of the food industry from conception through to multiple and high profile listings, nationally and internationally. So whether you are an established or emerging business, we have the skills, resources, understanding and know how to help and assist.


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Debra Levitt -

An experienced professional whose mission is to help growing businesses gain momentum bridging their business gaps. Using my four step process - Clarify. Plan. Commit. Act. - I support growing businesses in 3 key areas:

  • Overcoming barriers to planning and project management with clients
  • Defining and refining business processes
  • Providing a safe space to crystallize your thoughts and explore where your business is going - whether strategic direction or to resolve specific issues

With over 18 years experience in blue chip companies such as Glaxo Smithkline, Syngenta and Thomson Reuters, I am able to use my wealth of experience across companies, industries, cultures, projects and processes to challenge, facilitate and support you in moving forward.


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Ian Curtis, KPMG Small Business Accounting

At KPMG, we’re passionate about small business. But we know how hard it can be to grow without the right people on your side. 

Small Business Accounting is KPMG’s accounting service for small businesses. 

You get unlimited access to your own dedicated KPMG accountant, who is an expert in growing businesses like yours, whatever stage of the journey you’re at. 


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Indy Agnihotri -

Screenshot 2017 01 10 13.39.51 Indy is an an experienced business coach, chartered accountant & trainer, specialising in providing coaching, accounting and business advice to business owners. 

In doing so Indy utilise's his skills as an experienced chartered accountant and corporate finance professional gained from working for a number of top consultancy firms in London. Indy also lectures and trains students and businesses on business matters which he finds personally rewarding.

What really drives Indy is working on the possibility and potential that exists in all of us to have more successful businesses and lead better lives as a result.


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James Chetwode and Keith Seward, Compass Video Ltd -

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How to get the most out of video as part of your content marketing strategy whatever your budget. We will be offering advice on how you can create video content using your mobile and what gadgets to buy to make it look professional, through to how best to work with big video production agencies. 

We will also help you to understand how YouTube and other channels can boost your website profile and increase the number of qualified visitors ready to buy.

James and Keith have over 20 years’ experience creating digital content for SME’s as well as some of the larger global brands like JCB and Microsoft. We are here to help you stay ahead of your competition by using the latest technology available.


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John Scully, 3p Logistics -

From importing and exporting, to fulfilment and delivery, supply chain touches all product led businesses in some form or other and is a common obstacle to achieving business growth. Obtaining sound and impartial advice pretty early on in the growth journey can help businesses to avoid the all too common pitfalls associated with pressures in the supply chain. With over ten years’ experience in supporting small and medium sized businesses we are proud to be the third party warehousing and logistics partner for a wide range of business types and as you grow we grow with you.

A multi-award winning business we provide cost effective outsourced logistics and fulfilment services to ensure you don`t get bogged down with non-core activities and instead are able to focus on the wider business whether it be online or offline. As the saying goes – “your source and sell and leave the rest to 3PL”.

If you have any logistics / warehousing dilemmas no matter how big or small come and have an informal chat with me on the day as there is generally a proven solution for most challenges.


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Nigel Mason, RM2 -

Start-ups have a secret weapon in the war for top talent: equity incentives. You might not offer the best pension in the world, but who cares when you can offer a valuable share in your start-up's equity to the very people you want to feel like co-owners and co-entrepreneurs.

At RM2, we've been installing equity incentives for ambitious companies for 20 years. We've worked with more than 1,000 companies, many of them now famous.

Come and see RM2 for a free consultation about best practice on equity incentives. Meet one of our directors who was the architect of the EMI share option scheme, the UK's hugely successful incentive scheme designed specifically for start-ups and growing companies.


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Kassim Gaffar -  clickableCo

Get more business! Use your website as a 24 hour marketing and sales tool. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require an employee to sit and answer phones. Use your website to tell people who you are, and what you do. People form their own conclusions about you, so why not give them some solid information to base this conclusion on. Whether you sell a product or a service, no one is going to pay you money without first seeing what you are capable of. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” never fit better.

Build credibility: Nothing is more important than the ability to be found. If you don’t have an established online identity, then customers can’t find you. Not showing up in the search engines is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business. It makes you and your company look dated, and out of touch.


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Mark Broadhead -

Mark Broadhead is a chartered accountant with 15 years of experience in empowering business owners in reaching their goals.  

Mark embraces technology to handle day-to-day accounting compliance leaving energy for the more exciting aspects. 

Mark is originally from New Zealand and lives in west London. His practice employs five staff.


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Mandy Hamerla, HR Refresh -


We empower and educate small businesses on HR and people management, in a flexible, affordable and convenient way. 

Whether you want help getting the basics right, have a problem you need solving or want creative HR strategies to boost performance and profit, we can help. 

Founded by Mandy Hamerla, an experienced and qualified HR director, passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed. 


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Nancy Poller, Aligned Design Co.


When your head, heart and passion are aligned with your business, it’s ready to succeed. An exceptional brand identity is key to communicating everything that is special about your business and capturing the attention of those customers and clients who are a perfect fit for you. 

I can advise on the key questions you need to consider when creating your brand, the essential elements of a brand identity such as logo, colours and typography, and how to ensure your brand not only launches with impact but has the authenticity and style to grow your business over the long-term.


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Patricia van den Akker,

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Patricia van den Akker is the director of The Design Trust, the online business school for designers & makers with more than 50,000 visits each month, offering online workshops, group coaching and courses on a wide range of topics – finance & money for creatives, marketing to get clients, creative business planning, creating and launching your collection, and more! 

Patricia loves working with passionate creative businesses that want to grow and develop their business. She regularly writes for Crafts magazine as The Design Doctor and thought-provoking blog posts for The Design Trust website, as well as others like Etsy. Recently she published her first book: Dream Plan Do, a 12-months planner for creative businesses, which was successfully launched on Kickstarter reaching £27,000 in orders. 

You can book a 30min session in the morning, or just pop in to ask your business question or purchase one of the Dream Plan Do planners.


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Romeo Effs -

Times are changing. Business support professionals must be more proactive and adaptive for and to the client. The focus need to shift to a more holistic “value added” approach, around supporting business growth, and not just dealing with various elements in an isolated vacuum, to ensure those we work with Thrive and move to a new higher level of growth and development.

Romeo Effs is known as the business gladiator, strategist, and fixer who adds significant value to help entrepreneurs, solve problems, manage crisis and help build an iconic reputation. He is known for serving and helping entrepreneurs #CreateAmazing in their life and business, and make a significant dent in the world.


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Simon Fordham, mentor, coach and consultant -

The best advice a start-up can get is from someone who has experience in starting, running and selling a successful business. The do’s and don’ts, the have to, have nots and more importantly how to successfully promote, brand and sell your product or service, without making (too many) mistakes along the way. Obtaining a professional mentor/adviser is probably the best investment a start-up could ever make. 

Is your idea commercially viable? Will it sell? Who will buy it? Is there a need? What price? How do I obtain investment? Am I being courageous or foolhardy? Who’s going to be honest and tell me? Your mentor will help you with all this and more!


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Stefano Pucello,

History: Established in 2014. Stefano Pucello Consulting Ltd. (SPC) was created with the aim is to support start-ups and SMEs in facilitating their growth in a sustainable way. The mission is very simple and straight to the point: Personal, pragmatic and measurable sales & marketing services enabling clients to embrace their opportunities domestically and overseas.

Specialities:  What differentiates us? We don't just advise; we do it.

We believe that by putting your needs first and understanding what you aim to achieve, we will be able to create a strategy for success. Not only will it support your growth within an agreed time period, but also more importantly, it will be sustainable in the long term.

Once the strategy is implemented, we will also be able to measure the actions put in place and review the outcomes, so that you will always feel that your investment in us has really added value to your company.

These are the key services we offer:

  • Sales and marketing strategy 
  • International business 
  • Digital marketing consultancy 
  • Marketing in other languages

Meet the business owner:  The founder, Stefano Pucello, is a chartered marketer and has worked more than 15 years across multiple disciplines and Industries both at international and domestic level, covering several senior managerial roles in large, medium and family run businesses. Currently a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he is also a marketing adviser, member of Enterprise Nation and an approved partner for the Growth Hub in Gloucestershire.


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Stephen Dann, Business Impact Solutions -

We specialise in fixing:

  • Business growth problems - to enable business owners to achieve their growth goals
  • Innovation problems - to enable businesses to develop new solutions and offerings
  • Marketing problems - to enable businesses to secure new customers whilst retaining and growing existing customers through modern marketing techniques

We plan, create and implement strategies with real commercial impact enabling our clients to achieve significant results for their businesses, their sales & marketing programmes or their teams.


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