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"Enterprise Nation is my go-to hub for expert business advice and insights into the latest issues faced by start-ups and small businesses."

Ahrani Logan, Peapodicity
Ahrani Logan, Peapodicity

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Getting a successful venture up and running can be tough at times. See why thousands of small businesses are using Enterprise Nation as a supportive business community.

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Discover the stories of Enterprise Nation members

"I realised life is too short to not chase after the things you love"

Alexandria Davies, Cham

"As a child I suffered from allergies that persisted as I got older. After discovering tastier alternatives in Australia, I decided to experiment and make own chia seed jam recipes. I finally quit my job to launch Cham in 2017."

"Whether it's small things like acquiring our wireless payments reader for markets or really significant pieces like pitching to buyers at major retailers, the experiences at Enterprise Nation are always positive!"

Alexandria Davies, Cham

"We created a range of children's toiletries to help children wash themselves."

Emma Cranstoun, founder, Scrubbington's

"With our Enterprise Nation membership, we pitched to Boots and eventually got listed in 400 stores nationwide. We have also attended many events, which are great networking opportunities. It gave us the chance to talk to other brands in a similar situation to us, which is always helpful!

"We're so proud to be stocked in Boots, Waitrose, Ocado and on Amazon. The next step is to start exporting. British brands are really popular abroad at the moment and we want to capitalise on that."

Emma Cranstoun, Scrubbington's

Award-winning prints, accessories and stationery brand.

Emily Canino, founder, Doodlemoo

"I am a graphic designer and when my kids came along I knew I needed a business that I could do around them. When my eldest was born we decorated his nursery with some characters which we turned into posters. Doodlemoo grew from there."

"Doing everything myself is hard and there has been times when I nearly gave up, so I've learned it's important to find supportive business groups."

"Enterprise Nation webinars help me so much as I can't always leave my studio and being able to talk to experts has been great."

Emily Canino, Doodlemoo

"I provide creative social media mentoring and management."

Natalie Sherman, founder, Naturally Social

"I started Naturally Social to share my skills and passion for creative communications that puts the consumer at the centre and delivers results for the company at the same time.

"With Enterprise Nation membership, I have access to a wealth of experts, valuable, relevant events and weekly masterclasses at a fraction of the cost that regional enterprise hubs and membership organisations offer. It's exceptional value for money and it has connected me to other people in my field, helped me to learn and grow and has inspired me no end."

Natalie Sherman, Naturally Social

"Doing our bit to help reduce SME failure rates in the UK."

Simon Kallu, founder, SRK Accounting

"In 2013, I took on my first employee and reached 50 clients. By 2014, we had 100 clients and a team of six, plus a back office in India. By 2022, we're aiming to be a £10m turnover company, with multiple offices and at least 1,670 raving fan clients.

"As an Enterprise Nation adviser member, I empower small businessess by teaching them financial essentials so that they can achieve success on their terms and make their organisation standout in their marketplace."

Simon Kallu, SRK Accounting
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