Transmit Start-Ups

Transmit Start-Ups is a national delivery partner of the Start Up Loans Company, a government backed scheme. 

Transmit Start-Ups


Supporting start-ups across the UK


Start-ups, small businesses, advisers

Biggest challenge

After a loan has been delivered, keeping the member engaged and ongoing support

What is Transmit Start-Ups?

Transmit Start-Ups is a national delivery partner for the Start Up Loans programme, funded by the British Business Bank. Headquartered in Gateshead with seven satellite offices throughout the UK, Transmit Start-Ups has provided business support and mentoring to 2,800 entrepreneurs and over £28.5 m in finance. We have also received the coveted Gold Trusted Service 2018 award from customer review platform, Feefo.

What made you want to work with Enterprise Nation?

Damian Baetens, business support director at Transmit Start-Ups, said: “I was originally a regional Enterprise Nation champion, helping to spread the message in the north east of England, but that has grown into more of a national relationship now which is great for the team here at Transmit. We all really like the services Enterprise Nation provide for our clients but also that fact that Enterprise Nation is a real influencer in terms of national business support which helps us as an organisation."

“Enterprise Nation has a really fresh feel to it and is less prescriptive than some of the more traditional business support options that our start-ups have been signposted to in the past. You can interact on a very bespoke basis with Enterprise Nation and that's one of the main things I like about it. Oh, and the people there are great too of course!"

Damian Baetens, Transmit Start-Up Loans

Was the affiliate programme simple to set up?

The affiliate programme was really easy to set up and it has been really straightforward for our clients to access all the events and services. It's an excellent 'added value' offer for us and it enhances the ongoing business support packages we provide.

How will this partnership benefit the businesses you work with?

At one level Enterprise Nation provides great events, resources and opportunities that you can access 24/7 but at the other end of the spectrum being a member plugs you into a real influential community.

Enterprise Nation has the ear of the government and business at the highest level and that makes it a really valuable and unique asset for our start up businesses. For example, some of our clients were part of an Enterprise Nation visit to 10 Downing Street and they talked directly to Jimmy McLoughlin, business adviser to prime minister Theresa May. I mean, where else could you get that kind of opportunity?

Is the price reasonable for 12 months business support?

Business advisers and consultants can charge anything from £400 - £500 a day and we all know lawyers and accountants can be very expensive too. Enterprise Nation is a very reasonable way to upskill yourself, do some networking and get ready for business . It's definitely a great value for money option.

Benefits to Transmit Start-Ups' clients

  • free consultation calls with advisers
  • a library of content including blog posts, webinars, podcasts and videos
  • an individual business support dashboard access to local events and networking opportunities
  • connections to fellow business owners
  • monthly offers from large corporates
  • discounts on small business events
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