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Biggest challenge

Engaging in a new way with an incredible community

Tell us about TOG and the types of businesses you support.

TOG has been providing flexible workspace since 2003, and have evolved every moment since. We’ve always had an 'open arms' approach to the types of businesses looking to become members rather than having an industry focus in our locations.

We’ve encouraged the same kind of behaviour in our members when interacting with each other; make friends, share ideas, work together and if you’d rather not, don’t, but point them in the direction of someone readily available if you can. In the past couple of years, we’ve focused a lot of our attention on supporting young entrepreneurs, the business owners of tomorrow.

This has been in the form of our TOG 100 pledge: giving out 100 x 12 month co-working memberships to business owners under the age of 25. We’ve also created Supa Campus in collaboration with Bejay Mulenga and the Supa Network. This is a three month boot camp aimed at providing the training and the tools for young entrepreneurs to beat the 'two year curse' and ensure a sustainable, successful business. 

They attend weekly masterclasses and workshops, hosted by professionals. Among them are representatives from the likes of Apple, Facebook, EE and Bacardi.

But these are just a few examples. We do not set guidelines on who to support as a business. However if there were a rule it would be something like: if it feels right, do it and do it to the best of your ability. Always.

Before you partnered with Enterprise Nation, what support were you offering to TOG members?

This snowballed organically for us and turned out to be more a way of attracting businesses that we then supported from within TOG. 

We started by running competitions for free memberships in new co-working spaces when they were being opened.  This led to meeting some incredible people and the idea grew from there. We then took part in Young Progress Makers, in partnership with the Evening Standard, which led to TOG 100, followed by Supa Campus and where we go from here seems only to be up and we’re excited to see the next step in this evolution.  

Partnering with Enterprise Nation has allowed TOG to engage with a whole new and incredible community.

Alessa McNally, TOG

How has the Enterprise Nation platform and community helped the TOG teams?

Partnering with Enterprise Nation has allowed TOG to engage with a whole new and incredible community. 

We want to make a name for ourselves as an organisation that supports those who are also passionate about their business, supports education and growth and wants to be recognised as a collective of spaces where you can go to do this.

We’re so passionate about what we do. We know that being a part of a supportive community can make all the difference, so being involved with organisations like Enterprise Nation is not only a no-brainer but a privilege.

Where do you see the real benefits to you as an organisation having Enterprise Nation as a partner?

It’s the ability to merge our communities and the opportunity to make beneficial connections.

It’s also being able to produce real thought-provoking events. Knowledge is power and the information shared in the talks we’ve collaborated on translate into real tools for success.

Benefits to TOG members

  • 12 months free business support
  • TOG can provide an extra resource to those businesses who need it
  • free consultation calls with advisers
  • a library of content including blog posts, webinars, podcasts and videos
  • attend events in their local TOG and other Enterprise Nation events
  • an individual business support dashboard providing access to local events and networking opportunities
  • connections to fellow business owners
  • monthly offers from large corporates
  • discounts on small business events
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