VAT MOSS: the view from Brussels

VAT MOSS: the view from Brussels

Posted: Fri 19th Dec 2014

Yesterday I spent time in Brussels; to attend a discussion on the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (more on that to follow) and to meet with members of the European Commission and Parliament who are responding to the concerns of small business on VAT MOSS. Here's what I found.


Syed speaks for small business

Syed Kamall (@SyedKamall) is a Member of the European Parliament representing London, and Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament. He is concerned about VAT MOSS and has written to Director-General of Communications Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission, Robert Madelin (@eurohumph), to ask that the implications of VAT MOSS be closely monitored and reviewed in early 2015 and a single threshold be considered. You can see the letter and response here.

Working for a Digital Single Market

Andrus Ansip (@ansip_eu) is a former Prime Minister of Estonia and now Vice President of the European Commission, leading work on achieving a Digital Single Market. I met with Maximilian Strotmann from Ansip's team who is responsible for StartUps. Maximilian confirmed theirs is a Unit also concerned about the implications of VAT MOSS and wanting to see solutions.

We have agreed Enterprise Nation will open a forum to crowdsource solutions that will be sent to this team for review and consideration.

Latvia leads the Presidency

The third and final opportunity to influence changes to VAT MOSS at an EU level is via the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Yesterday I met the special adviser to the Latvian Prime Minister and the Latvian Business Confederation to cede the idea of a question being raised during their Presidency on having a single threshold for the EU (as also requested in Syed Kamall's letter.)

We have been clear this week on the Enterprise Nation position on VAT MOSS. As it is coming into effect on 1st January, our job is to ensure you have the information you need to comply. You can find this information across the site; in a 5 step practical guide and webinar recording with accountant, Emily Coltman.

What we are doing alongside this is working with the UK government to build data on the impact of VAT MOSS so a case can be made, at the EU level, for change in early 2015.

With thanks to Daniel Korski (@DanielKorski) for the opportunity to open these discussions.

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