Lunch and Learn: How to overcome impostor syndrome as an entrepreneur

Jane Phillips
Jane PhillipsOwnerJane Phillips Coaching Ltd

Posted: Thu 18th Mar 2021

In this Lunch and Learn, holistic coach Jane Phillips shares tips for how to overcome impostor syndrome as an entrepreneur.

Do you ever feel like you don't deserve your success or worry that everyone in the room knows more than you do? Do you doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud?

Jane explains what impostor syndrome is, why we get it, and her formula for banishing it from your thinking altogether.

Jane Phillips
Jane PhillipsOwnerJane Phillips Coaching Ltd
Would you like to push aside the barriers that get in your way to securing your business success or becoming your best self? I can help you: 💥Cut through the noise that distract you from working at your best 💥 Achieve your business goals. 💥 Improve your self care. 💥 Overcome imposter syndrome. 💥 Increase your income. 💥 Grow your business. Do you sometimes feel… ⚡️ Overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you? ⚡️ Unsure if you are making the right business decision? ⚡️ As if you have no time for you? If you are an executive, professional or running your own business, I can help you. ☀️ If you also believe that focussing on barriers in your personal and professional life is the best way to achieve balance, I can help you more.☀️☀️ And if you also believe that good nutrition is important to fuel both your body and boost your brain power, then I can make the biggest difference to your life.☀️☀️☀️ I OFFER: 💥EXECUTIVE COACHING 💥LIFE COACHING 💥NUTRITIONAL ADVICE 💥BUSINESS PLANNING 💥SOCIAL INVESTMENT READINESS FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISES If what I have said strikes a chord with you, then I would love to help you become your best self.

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