Five image trends small businesses need to know

Five image trends small businesses need to know
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Posted: Tue 17th Nov 2015

It's undeniable that trends have a great influence on what we wear, what we say, what we buy and pretty much everything we see. While there are plenty of overt trends that we all know about and possibly avoid (yes, that's you manbun!), they also exist in the images we see.

If you're running a small business it's important to be aware of them as they could make sure you're appealing to the right customer or even know which ones to avoid. David Revagliatte, editorial content manager, at MOO sat down for a cold-brew coffee with Hannah Myatt, MOO's graphic designer and photographer Georgie Lord and got the lowdown.

1. Oddly paired objects

Neon Pink 06Random objects paired to create fun and interesting sculptures, often central to an image but also to frame and go along side other products within an image. These are often everyday objects like kitchen sponges, plastic buckets and washing baskets; anything that creates a plinth or frame to the product or object.

2. The impossible

Rs101439 Bc Portfolio 112 Rw V2Objects within a shot which seem to be floating or reflected in an impossible way, often photoshopped. Mirror and colour are often used to trick the eye.

This is particularly seen a lot in advertising as they are an effective way to grab our attention. We've all walked passed these types of shots and taken a second look right?

3. Textures and materials

Nfc Analytics Image

This trend is really popular too. It uses a mixture of organic and synthetic textures instead of a general paper background. Familiar, textured backgrounds immediately place the image in the viewers' every day lives. Concrete and marble have become very popular to use as well as random things such as sand and latex.

4. Things arranged neatly

Crb 1926 Nanigan Designer V1 1200x628If you love seeing things 'just so', then this is the trend for you! This is where products are arranged in a grid format, aligning to each other or to a grid within the background. This is done as it can often showcase products in the clearest way, especially with the addition of other props to create an interesting layout. Props also allow the viewer to get a sense of the size of the product by giving them a comparison.

5. 90s pastel and patterns

 80s Flyers Colour 4 Footloose

We all know that saying where 'everything comes back around' right? Well now's the turn for the 90s to return, and I don't just mean Britpop. Photographic sets are often fun and nostalgic which can complement otherwise plain objects. Within this there has become a trend for pastel tones mixed with thick black wiggly line patterns and dots.

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