Calling all advisers: Our small business community needs your support!

Calling all advisers: Our small business community needs your support!
Dan Adair Wright
Dan Adair Wright
Small Business Community Manager
Enterprise Nation

Posted: Sun 15th Aug 2021

Thanks to our incredible adviser community, Enterprise Nation is helping thousands of entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into realities every year. 2021 is no exception, with over 16,000 searches taking place on the platform last month alone.

As a valued adviser, we want to make sure that you’re making the most of your membership, properly showcasing your expertise, and that you know what opportunities are coming up.

We've been analysing the activity on the platform over the last few months to identify what areas of support our small business community need most right now and, more importantly, how you can help!

Let's take a look...

Social media

Small business owners are increasingly looking for ways to connect with potential customers, build brand awareness and harness consumer loyalty. ‘Instagram’ was one of the top three searches on the platform last month - and the most popular Lunch and Learn webinar too.

Are you an Instagram or social media expert? If so, make sure that our members know about it. Add services to your profile that properly showcase every area of support that you can offer. The more you add, the greater your visibility across the site. Be sure to include key words and phrases that you think future clients might be looking for. Add or refresh your services here.

Business planning

No small business owner plans to fail. Rather, they fail to plan. The good news is, more and more members are searching the Enterprise Nation platform looking for help with this early-stage business essential. More often than not, serious entrepreneurs are looking for a bespoke plan – and a business adviser to help create it.

Will you appear in their search results? Probably not, if you’ve not listed business planning as one of your services. Add or refresh your services to showcase all the areas of support you can offer.

And if you enjoy sharing your expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs, why not put yourself forward to speak at the UK’s biggest small business event, StartUp 2022?

International trade

As small businesses grow it’s only natural that they’ll want to explore new markets. But many of them are too intimidated to explore international opportunities. That’s where you come in. Enterprise Nation will soon be launching a new international trade hub to support small businesses looking to expand overseas, and we’re looking for experts to contribute content and host webinars. The hub will cover all aspects of international trade including customs, tax, legal issues, marketing to international audiences and choosing an export market.

Can you help small businesses start trading overseas? We’d love you to be part of the international trade hub. To get involved simply complete your profile, add services that clearly demonstrate the areas in which you can help, and then connect with Dan Martin to register your interest.


63% of the services booked on the Enterprise Nation platform in July were with advisers offering digital support. This includes SEO, website design, cyber security, data analysis, and e-commerce.

Were you one of the advisers that they reached out to? If not, have another look at your profile to make sure that you’re fully showcasing all of the digital services that you offer. Here’s an example of a profile that we think ticks all the boxes.

Enterprise Nation has recently partnered with Vodafone Business to equip 100,000 small businesses with the digital skills they need to take their operations to the next level. The training programme, business.connected, consists of workshops, webinars and e-learning. There’s still a few spots to fill. If you want to get involved and share your expertise, connect with Roisin Skinner.


The demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products has been increasing globally in recent years, with consumers keener than ever to shop with small and purpose-led businesses. This is great news for green-minded entrepreneurs. But not knowing why or how sustainability can form part of their business strategy can be a stumbling block for many business owners.

“How can I put sustainability at the forefront of my business?” It’s a question we get asked a lot. Can you help answer it? If so, why not be part of Plan It With Purpose, a new, 12-month campaign designed to help 10,000 businesses implement sustainable best practices and deliver a positive impact on the planet, society, and the economy. We’d love to get you involved if you give advice on sustainability - from an environmental, social or economic perspective. Connect with Danielle Murphy for more information.


We often advise small businesses to focus on what they do best, and let others take care of the things that slow them down. Unless they have a background in the subject, finance is often one of those things. Indeed, some of our most-read news posts throughout this year have focused on grants, loans, prompt payment of invoices, VAT and the Budget.

Could you engage a numbers-hungry lunchtime audience? One of our most popular Lunch and Learn webinars recently looked at how to master your tax return. If you’re a financial expert and want to help small businesses get on top of their finances, why not put yourself forward to host one yourself?

Sector-specific support

Food and drink, health and beauty, fashion, wellness, and retail are sectors where we’re currently seeing a lot of new members. If you’ve got an interest or experience within a particular sector, position yourself as a voice of authority in that industry. Join or create groups to connect with small business owners in those sectors.

Take part in one of our Exchange events. We host industry-specific events throughout the year, connecting small businesses with large brand buyers and featuring topic experts. Coming up in October we have the Beauty Exchange, followed by the Fashion Exchange in November. If you’d like to take part, connect with Holly Jones and register your interest.

We'll also be running a 'Meet the adviser' event series in the autumn exploring digital, marketing, finance and legal advice for small business owners. If you're an adviser in any of these areas and would like to speak at one of the events, connect with Danielle Murphy to register your interest.

Don't forget to keep an eye on your weekly adviser newsletter for more opportunities.

Not yet an adviser? Sign up here to offer your support to our small business community.

Dan Adair Wright
Dan Adair Wright
Small Business Community Manager
Enterprise Nation
As Enterprise Nation's small business community manager it's my job to make sure our small business members find the support they need, fast. I guide entrepreneurs through every stage of their user journey, matching them with the resources they need to start and grow their businesses, and ensuring a seamless platform experience. I've worked in customer and B2B support for over 20 years and also managed a small business for many years, so I fully understand the challenges involved. I love meeting small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs and hearing their success stories. Connect with me on the platform and tell me more about you and your small business.

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