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Recovery Advice for Business

Access free support from experts and help your business recover from the impact of Coronavirus

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Small and medium sized businesses need experts like you.

Opportunity to join the UK-wide effort to help thousands of small and medium sized business owners get back to business through expert advice.


Recovery Advice for Business

The Professional and Business Services Sector and Enterprise Nation, supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, have teamed up to offer small and medium sized businesses free advice to help them recover from the impact of Coronavirus. This offer will be available until 31st December 2020.

Professional bodies and trade associations are mobilising experts in their sector to offer free calls on topics from accounting to advertising, HR and legal affairs.

Enterprise Nation is providing free access to its platform, until 31st December 2020, to enable small and medium sized businesses in need of advice and support to connect with business advisers offering to help.

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How It Works


Create a profile

Sign-up for free and create a business profile through your dashboard. Tag your region, industry, and expertise to show small businesses how you can help.

Promote your support

Show small businesses you’re part of the campaign by adding a message to your profile. “I’m part of the Recovery Advice for Business scheme, and I’m here to help.”

Connect with small businesses

Small businesses can reach out to you to request a free advisory call. Calls will last up to 1-hour and will provide the business owner with actionable advice.


About Enterprise Nation

Working out how to start and grow a business can be tough at times. That's where we come in. Enterprise Nation is a vibrant community of small businesses and business advisers that exist to shortcut your route to trusted business support. Whether you're starting or growing a business, we have the resources, expertise, and connections to help you get it right.



The Recovery Advice for Business scheme is a partnership between Enterprise Nation and the Professional and Business Services (PBS) Sector, supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. A number of professional bodies and trade associations across a range of PBS Sectors are encouraging their members to sign up and offer free advice, these include: the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Advertising Association, the Law Society and the Management Consultancies Association. You can find a full list of participating bodies above.
When small and medium sized businesses register, they will be directed to complete a business diagnostic tool. This tool asks a series of questions and, based on how they answer them, will provide a set of clear recommendations and an action plan. The plan will include links to business advisers and recommended content. SMEs can connect with various advisers through the Enterprise Nation platform and request a free advice call with them.
To take part we are asking each adviser (which can be a firm or individual) to dedicate a minimum of one hour per month over the course of the initiative to businesses they are matched with but we hope that many will be able to provide more than this. Small businesses can arrange calls with advisers who are participating in the programme through Enterprise Nation’s platform. These calls can last up to an hour.
The best outcome from these calls is if the small business comes away with some actions and helpful resources, they can apply straightaway. Encourage the business to work through their options and create a strategy with your guidance, you can request information from the business to inform the call if they are happy to provide that. The 1-hour free advice call should provide businesses with tangible advice that a business can take away to support their needs.
There is no obligation to do anything after the call but if the business owner needs ongoing advice, you are free to continue the relationship on your own terms. Notwithstanding the possibility that longer-term business relationships may develop, the focus is on offering helpful advice during the free hour to help businesses affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19) disruption.
A small business will only be able to use the free advice call request once with each adviser. They can continue to request any ‘Services’ you have listed on your profile where you can set the parameters and commercial agreements. Here is an example of a profile with service options.
The programme is running for six months; until 31st December 2020.
It’s free for small and medium sized businesses to sign up, take the diagnostic tool and access support. It’s also free for members of participating bodies to create a profile and offer their time to support businesses with free one-hour advice calls.
Once you’re signed up, you can log into your dashboard where you can add details for your personal and professional profile. Your business details can include your company or firm. Here is a good example of a completed profile. Most importantly, once an adviser uploads a profile image, bio, and tags their expertise and services they will appear in searches across the platform.
You can upload Professional Indemnity Insurance through the member dashboard. Select ‘Business Profile’ from the top navigation and you will see a field for ‘Professional Indemnity’ in the navigation links. You will be required to include: Insurer Name, Policy Number, Period of Cover, and upload a scanned copy of your certificate. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.
To sign-up as an adviser, you need to meet the following requirements:
  1. Belong to professional trade body (either at individual or firm level)​
  2. Hold valid Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) (either at individual or firm level)​
The terms for adviser membership with Enterprise Nation are set out in Appendix B of the T&Cs. See the complete T&Cs for more information about membership.
Great! Ask your trade/professional body for the code to sign up and create a free profile or, if you are a member of a body that’s not yet participating, please ask them to do so! We can help with supporting materials and onboarding. Contact [email protected] for details.
Your data is held securely by Enterprise Nation in accordance with GDPR regulations. Unless you opt to keep your account active with Enterprise Nation, it will be deactivated within 7 days following the end of the Scheme. Enterprise Nation will not contact or communicate with you thereafter.

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