Value Proposition Workshop - Customer Experience

Value Proposition Workshop - Customer Experience
Delta Swan

When you build your value proposition, you and your team will understand the needs of your customers. You will build a value proposition to meet those needs and grow your business sustainably.

The workshop will prompt you to improve and design new products, services and touchpoints.

Typical benefits
• Appreciation of what your customers value, seeing your business through their eyes and understanding how to meet more of their needs
• A redefine value proposition, which will help you attract and keep more customers

Presented as a masterclass, the workshop Blends theory and practice with on the spot coaching.

Your value proposition builds on your understanding of customer needs, which we capture in a customer profile. The profile represents a segment of customers with their jobs to be done, pains and gains. Your value proposition helps you find innovative ways of meeting customer needs.

Building a value proposition helps you understand your customers’ needs more clearly and become more competitive.

You will understand your customer’s needs in greater detail to build empathy. Then update your value proposition. As a result, you will earn more customers and higher customer retention.

The workshop will give you a customer profile, value proposition and action plan to delight your customers. Your plan will deliver the changes you choose and help deliver customer value and earn loyalty. You will commit to using value propositions for other customer segments.

Before your workshop, we meet to agree your goals, who you will invite and which length you need. You can select a half-day, full-day or two-day workshop. Then, I design the best workshop for you and communicate with your team.

In our follow-up sessions, you can ask more questions and receive further coaching.
Delta Swan
With 30+ years in industry working with household names like Rolls-Royce and unfamiliar giants such as Allied Signal, I built broad business experience and skills which mean I have knowledge in many areas such as product / service design, commercial and leadership. But listening is my primary skill, sure I have ideas, but I am much more interested in helping you direct your business the way you want to. Whether you come to me as a potential mentee or client, I will work collaborative with you. Understanding your situation and exploring solutions together. I currently focus on Customer Experience, and bring my business acumen to the subject. So, I balance business, customer and employee needs to create sustainable growth. You know happy customers become loyal and loyal customers spend more. But unlike multinational businesses who can employ a team, SMEs only have time to think about customers when they shout. I believe SMEs deserve all the benefits of intentionally managing their customers' experience taken for granted by the big companies. I support businesses like yours with proven methodologies which put you in charge of continuously understanding your existing and future customers and, therefore, their needs. Here's an idea of some of the Customer Experience tools we may use: Empathy maps Customer personas Value propositions Customer Journey Maps Customer feedback (aka Voice of the Customer and customer listening) Why would you trust me with your business, employees and customers? I believe small and medium-sized businesses deserve the competitive advantages enjoyed by big companies and understand the time and cost constraints that get in the way. I have a long history of helping businesses, teams and individuals work more closely, more beneficially with clients and customers. I know what is necessary and how to deliver business results, using her extensive experience in product, process and service design, problem solving and workshop design and facilitation, including over 14 years in Rolls-Royce and leading major projects at Philips and Allied Signal. I have used this experience to help my clients and to build my business. I am one of CXM’s CX Stars of 2022, placed in the top ten of professionals for the second year running. Please shortlist me and we’ll arrange a discovery call soon.

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