Chat securely with your clients with Qwil Messenger

Chat securely with your clients with Qwil Messenger

In times of crisis, communication with staff and clients is more important than ever. It is also the time to rethink how this is done. With Qwil Messenger, you can have your own branded space which looks and feels like WhatsApp both on Web and mobile, and securely invite your partners and clients to chat and sharing documents within minutes. No training or IT expertise required. If they have a business too, they can also have their own brand on Qwil Messenger! We are built for banks, but cater for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Qwil Messenger replicates how you work in real life. Think of us as the reception desk of a multi-tenant building. Staff or clients show up, we verify the security and allow them to the floors they have been invited to. What ever happens on your floor, is under your control and your responsibility. Simple.

What’s wrong with email? Everyone can create one and send to everyone, that’s why fraudsters love it. You will no doubt have received a phone call, a SMS text, or WhatsApp message from someone impersonating your bank asking for your details, email is the same. To ensure security, you need to know that each side is who they say they are. Only user invited by your company in Qwil will be able to chat!

What’s wrong with WhatsApp? Having WhatsApp installed on your phone can be a GDPR breach as all contacts are sent to the US without consent. More importantly, it is your liability as employer to control and monitor work channels. You don’t allow staff to use their personal email for work so why put your business at risk if you don’t have to?

How about other collaboration platforms (MS Teams or Slack)? They are great tools for internal collaboration but in most cases you will want to also go outside of the firm. We cater for 2 user types, staff and clients, so you coordinate the conversation and decide who can chat with whom. If we want to securely send documents (50MB) and chat to your clients, we are the tool.

Click on the above link, using the promocode EN2020 to access this offer and stay on top of your communications.

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