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Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones' 10 steps for starting a business [DOWNLOAD]

on 08/11/2017

Having started a business in the 1990s, selling it after two years and growing Enterprise Nation, our founder Emma Jones' knowledge of what it takes to start a company is massive! We've collated some of those tips in a brilliant new guide. Download it today.

Categories: Business technology, Growing your business, Starting your business, Business premises, Working from home, Sales and marketing, Web, Accounting and tax, Business ideas, Business planning, Business law, Funding, Money and cashflow, and Emma Jones

How an entrepreneur overcame her public speaking fears and got her business featured in The Economist [AUDIO]

on 04/11/2017

How an Enterprise Nation member fought her fear of public speaking to get her business featured in iconic publication, The Economist. 

Categories: Growing your business, Growing your business, Sales and marketing, Sales and marketing, Business communication, Business communication, Meet the member, Meet the member, Enterprise Nation Birmingham, and Enterprise Nation Birmingham